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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is YOU BLOW A FUSE ZING BOOM

Hey my name is Big Jeff and i am obsessed with AlexDeGale.

POVS- 13

Itsohsobjork is a user that joined August 13, 2011. And his purpose of being here seems to be to troll the site. Now it seems hard to determine whether this is an old user coming on "disguised" to troll the site. But that seems a little too obvious. Most likely he is a new user that decided to have fun. This is kind of sad because I'm sure the real itsohsobjork is a great person but I don't think we'll ever see that side. Also for some reason, I think that his username is a diss to biodork. But yeah that's just probably me and I feel kinda dumb for thinking that now.
itsohsobjork is known for being a blogwhore and a wannabe troll but if he were smart he would grow out of this phase, if he really IS a new user.

by BlueStar 2 min ago
bjork has the biggest penis in this game, FACT

Sep 3, 2011 by JoeyJonesIsIndian
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imagine a world where all anyone had time for was reading comments and blogs from itsohsobjork
i can't because i can't imagine what HEAVEN is like
Sent by najoge,Sep 19, 2011

Day1 HOH nicklove09 has nominated itsohsobjork and AlexDeGale

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