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meh Aug 19, 2016
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holy shit LOL Mar 27, 2016
I just realized that I got gifted like a month ago LOL

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Sorry if i ruined something lol, but thanks anyway I guess
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Team Relevancy Part 2: NBA Dec 9, 2015
So I am going to go through all 30 teams in the NBA and say whether each team is relevant or irrelevant and why. This relevancy can be based off any type of reason, game play style, history, pop culture, etc GOOD or BAD. In addition, I will state which teams are "Iconic" aka relevant on a higher level than just within the realm of basketball.

----Iconic Teams----

Boston Celtics: They have had several players through their history that can make a case for greatest of all-time, including the only basketball player to ever win 11 titles. The organization itself has won another 6.

New York Knicks: There are 2 reasons I would call the Knicks iconic. One, their long history, and two, their home court.

Chicago Bulls: Michael Jordan, need I say more?

Los Angeles Lakers: They're relevant for basically the same reason as the Celtics, several players in the conversation for G.O.A.T

----Relevant Teams---

Philadelphia 76ers: Dr. J revolutionized the game of basketball with Philly.

Detroit Pistons: They created one of the greatest --- and most hated --- teams of all-time. Not to mention they've been around forever.

Miami Heat: No team has made as many successful moves than the Heat in the 21st century.

San Antonio Spurs: 19 consecutive playoff apperances and 5 titles, this team is borderline iconic in my eyes.

Houston Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon, James Harden, and Moses Malone, all a part of one of the oldest institutions in basketball.

Portland Trail Blazers: Long history and always seem to have a competitive team, albeit never really a great one.

Utah Jazz: They have had some of the best players of all time, with John Stockton being the all-time leader in two of the 5 major statistical categories, and Karl Malone being #2 in scoring

Golden State Warriors: Theyre historic play over the last 1 and 1/4 years has erased their irrelevancy for the previous 70.

----Bubble Teams----

Indiana Pacers: Always seem to be competitive, and happen to be the team from where basketball was invented, but still they'res something missing.

Orlando Magic: They're a young franchise, but they drafted Shaq and Dwight Howard, could be worse

Oklahoma City Thunder: They were practically the same team as Portland when they were in Seattle, and have been successful ever since the relocation, but still, it will take some time for people to adjust to not having the Sonics.

Phoenix Suns: Steve Nash gave this team a bit of relevancy, and so has their competitive teams throughout their long history, but again they'res just something missing.

----Irrelevant Teams----

Toronto Raptors: Canada and basketball do not mix, ask the Grizzlies.

Brooklyn Nets: They get points for being in one of the most basketball centric places in the world, but they have moved around too much. Try staying in Brooklyn for a while and try again.

Cleveland Cavaliers: They've been around for a LONG time, but still, how many great players have they had that weren't named LeBron James?

Milwaukee Bucks: They are the team that made Kareem Abdul-Jabbar great, but withut him they're really nothing

Atlanta Hawks: They;ve been trying to be relevent for so long, I hope for their sakes they do so one of these days

Washington Wizards: They might be relevant if they didnt change their name for no real reason

Charlotte Hornets: They're owned by the most relevant basketball player of all-time, but the fact that the most famous name of theirs is an executive and not a player doesnt speak well.

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzky has done his part to make this team relevant in the 21st Century, but theres a lot of nothing before he arrived.

Memphis Grizzlies: They might not be in Canada, but Memphis isn't a huge step up.

New Orleans Pelicans: New Orleans has a long basketball history, they just cant hold on to a franchise, or a name for that matter.

Minnesota Timberwolves: 25-ish years and not much to show for it.

Denver Nuggets: Even longer with even less to show for it.

Los Angeles Clippers: One of the worst sports franchises in sports history thats so irrelevent that most people think your stupid when you say LA Clippers ("Don't you mean LA Lakers?")

Sacramento Kings: Yeah, California just doesn't have a whole lot of luck with Basketball, except for the Lakers.

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Team Relevancy Part 1: NFL Dec 8, 2015
So I am going to go through all 32 teams in the NFL and say whether each team is relevant or irrelevant and why. This relevancy can be based off any type of reason, game play style, history, pop culture, etc GOOD or BAD. In addition, I will state which teams are "Iconic" aka relevant on a higher level than just within the realm of football.

----Iconic Teams----

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6 Super Bowl Wins and one of the largest fan bases in sports, need I say more?

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have been a successful team in their history, but their iconic status goes back to their ties to the hip-hop universe

Dallas Cowboys: A team so relevant, their cheer leading squad is more famous than a 3rd of the league

Green Bay Packers: Including pre-super bowl, the Packers are the most dominant team in football, and just ooze history with their stadium and deep community ties.

San Francisco 49ers: This team not only changed the NFL, but change the sport of football with the west coast offense.

----Relevant Teams---

Miami Dolphins: They are the only team to complete a perfect season.

Buffalo Bills: They had OJ before he was a felon and are the only team to go to 4 super bowls in a row (and more famously, loose 4 super bowls in a row)

Cleveland Browns: They suck, but they are relevant because they suck. However, not so commonly known is the fact that the Browns organization has had 8 championship teams.

Indianapolis Colts: The team that made the moving cities trend look cool, and the best quarterbacking team of all time (Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck)

Denver Broncos: The Broncos ALWAYS seem to have a good team

Kansas City Chiefs: They are the brain child of one of the most important men in North American sports, Lamar Hunt.

Washington Redskins: Their relevancy is both good and bad, good because they've won 5 championships in their history, bad because of the arguably racist name and logo.

New York Giants: Whether its setting up the Big Blue Wrecking Crew that made Lawrence Taylor the 2nd and to-date last defensive player to be crowned MVP, or crashing the perfect party of the Patriots, the Giants always seem  to be brewing something interesting.

Detroit Lions: Another team relevant partly because of how bad it is, no team in all of sports more exemplifies the true nature of Detroit better than the Lions (Try using American players Red Wings)

Chicago Bears: They are one of two charter teams in the NFL, and have one of the most famous and historically tested rivalries in all of sports with the Packers.

----Bubble Teams----

New England Patriots: Without a doubt, the Bellichek-Brady team is relevant. However, before then, the Patriots were an abysmal organization, so people have to remember that too.

New York Jets: They are the team that made the AFL relevant, but other than that, what have they done?

Baltimore Ravens: Two Super Bowls in twenty years of existent. Impressive? Yes. Enough to make them truly relevant? that's debatable.

Minnesota Vikings: No team has come so close so many times and failed like the Vikings. They are the Charlie Brown of the NFL, but is that enough to make them relevant?

Arizona Cardinals: This team really SHOULD be relevant, being the other charter team. But their constant city switching and years of horrible playing have really watered down that significance.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams have been around forever, and have done some great things, like Eric Dickerson setting the regular season rushing record or building the greatest show on turf, but is that really enough?

----Irrelevant Teams----

Cincinnati Bengals: Any team founded by Paul brown has to be relevant, right? WRONG!

Houston Texans: They are too new to be relevant yet, give it time, for they have J.J. Watt that might make them significant, provided he doesnt ditch them.

Tennessee Titans: If they we're still the Oilers, this might be a different story, but it's not.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Again, they are too new, and havent had a reasonable amount of time to do a whole lot.

San Diego Chargers: They've had some talent over the years, but San Diego is the worst sports city in America, so that makes it tough. Maybe try your luck in LA, Rivers and co.

Philadelphia Eagles: This team has been around forever, and occasionally has made some noise, but they havent done enough to be relevant.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints are a truly iconic team of their city, too bad their city is more relevant for Hurricanes and Marti Gras than football.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers are FANTASTIC this year, but other then that what have they really done in their short history?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They get some relevancy points for fielding one of the worst football teams ever in 1976 (0-14), and some more points for their win in Super Bowl XXXVII, but that's not enough.

Atlanta Falcons: The Dirty Birds revolutionized the quarterback position with Michael Vick, but he is not relevant any more, so neither is the team.

Seattle Seahawks: Few teams have had this much continued success in this era, and they did field one of the best recievers to ever play the game, but they have been too bad for too long before their Super Bowl XLVIII win.

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Since Jason is fanboying Dec 8, 2015
im gonna fan boy the fuck out of this up coming MLB season
-------------------------------Offseason Summary---------------------
Hisashi Iwaukuma changes mind about signing with Dodgers, re-signs for 5-year deal with Mariners
Jason Heyward signs with Seattle Mariners
Johnny Cueto signs with Seattle Mariners
Justin Upton signs with San Fransisco Giants
Yoenis Cespedes signs with Los Angeles Angels
Alex Gordon re-signs with Kansas City Royals
Chris Davis signs with Toronto Blue Jays
Dexter Fowler signs with Atlanta Braves
Scott Kazmir signs with Seattle Mariners
Pittsburgh Pirates trade Andrew McCutchen to Seattle Mariners for Scott Kazmir, First and Second Round Draft Picks, and prospects.
Fernando Rodney signs with Seattle Mariners
Tim Lincecum signs with Seattle Mariners
-------------------------------Season Standings------------------------
AL East

Boston Red Sox 100-62
Baltimore Orioles 82-80
Tampa Bay Rays 81-81
Toronto Blue Jays 45-137
New York Yankees 40-122

AL Central

Minnesota Twins 90-72
Detroit Tigers 81-81
Cleveland Indians 70-92
Kansas City Royals 67-95
Chicago White Sox 60-102

AL West

Seattle Mariners 120-42
Oakland Athletics 89-73
Texas Rangers 85-77
Houston Astros 81-81
Los Angeles Angels 40-122

AL East

Miami Marlins 102-60
Philadelphia Phillies 81-81
New York Mets 81-81
Atlanta Braves 61-101
Washington Nationals 51-111

AL Central

Milwaukee Brewers 81-81
Pittsburgh Pirates 80-82
Cincinnati Reds 62-100
Chicago Cubs 55-107
St Louis Cardinals 50-112

AL West

San Francisco Giants 91-71
Colorado Rockies 85-77
San Diego Padres 84-78
Arizona Diamondbacks 51-111
Los Angeles Dodgers 50-112
----------------------------All-Star Line Ups----------------------------------------
American League
OF (3): Andrew McCutchen, Mariners: Jason Heyward, Mariners: Mike Trout, Angels:
1B: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers:
2B: Robinson Cano, Mariners:
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Blue Jays:
3B: Kyle Seager, Mariners:
C: Mike Zunino, Mariners:
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox:
Pitchers (9): Felix Hernandez, Mariners: Hisashi Iwaukuma, Mariners: Johnny Cueto, Mariners: Sonny Gray, Athletics: David Price, Red Sox: Chris Sale, White Sox: Fernando Rodney, Mariners: Dallas Keuchel, Astros: Corey Kluber, Indians:

National League
OF (3): Ichiro Suzuki, Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins: Bryce Harper, Nationals.
1B: Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks.
2B: Dee Gordon, Marlins.
SS: Jhonny Peralta, Cardinals.
3B: Kris Bryant, Cubs.
C: Buster Posey, Giants
Pitchers (9): Madison Bumgartner, Giants: Jake DeGrom, Mets: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers: Matt Harvey, Mets: Max Scherzer, Nationals: Zach Grienke, Diamondbacks: Jose Fernandez, Marlins: Jake Arrieta, Cubs: Gerrit Cole, Pirates:
----------------------------------------All-Star Game------------------------------------------------
American League: 5
National League: 2

MVP: Kyle Seager [4 RBI, 2 Home Runs]
AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners {1.50 ERA, 35-0 Record, 250 Strikeouts}
Runner-ups: Hisashi Iwaukuma, Seattle Mariners {2.03 ERA, 21-10 Record, 195 Strikeouts}; Sonny Gray, Oakland Athletics {2.14 ERA, 16-9 Record, 174 Strikeouts}

AL MVP: TIE Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners {.350 Batting Average, 115 RBI, 62 Home Runs} and David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox {.335 Batting Average, 116 RBI, 75 Home Runs}
Runner-up: Andrew McCutchen, Seattle Mariners {.314 Batting Average, 101 RBI, 40 Home Runs}

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers {1.75 ERA, 10-10 Record, 209 Strike Outs}
Runner-ups: Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlins {2.33 ERA, 19-9 Record, 150 Strikeouts}; Matt Harvey, New York Mets {2.35 ERA, 14-13 Record, 155 Strikeouts}

NL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki, Miami Marlins {.355 Batting Average, 201 RBI, 39 Home Runs},
Runner-ups: Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins {.305 Batting Average, 120 RBI, 50 Home Runs}; Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs {.295 Batting Average, 107 RBI, 51 Home Runs}
-------------------------------Wild Card Round--------------------------------------------------------------
AL Wild Card

Oakland Athletics: 1
Texas Rangers: 0

NL Wild Card

San Diego Padres: 5
Colorado Rockies: 3
-----------------------------Divisional Series------------------------------
Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletics

Game 1: Mariners 5; Athletics 0
Game 2: Mariners 11; Athletics 0
Game 3: Mariners 1; Athletics 0

Mariners win series 3-0

Minnesota Twins vs Boston Red Sox

Game 1: Red Sox 4; Twins 0
Game 2: Red Sox 13; Twins 9 [13 Innings]
Game 3: Twins 8; Red Sox 7 [12 Innings]
Game 4: Twins 5; Red Sox 2
Game 5: Red Sox 10; Twins 9 [15 Innings]

Red Sox win series 3-2

San Diego Padres vs Miami Marlins

Game 1: Marlins 1; Padres 0
Game 2: Marlins 3; Padres 1
Game 3: Padres 2; Marlins 1
Game 4: Marlins 5; Padres 2

Marlins win series 3-1

San Fransisco Giants vs Milwaukee Brewers

Game 1: Giants 2; Brewers 0
Game 2: Giants 3; Brewers 1
Game 3: Giants 4; Brewers 3

Giants win series 3-0
------------------------------Championship Series------------------------
Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox

Game 1: Mariners 5; Red Sox 0
Game 2: Mariners 8; Red Sox 0
Game 3: Mariners 4; Red Sox 0 [10 Innings]
Game 4: Mariners 1; Red Sox 0 [11 Innings]

Mariners win series 4-0
ALDS MVP: Andrew McCutchen, Seattle Mariners, [.401 Series Batting Average, 3 Home Runs including game winning grand-slam in Game 3, 6 RBI]

Miami Marlins vs San Fransisco Giants

Game 1: Marlins 3; Giants 1
Game 2: Marlins 4; Giants 0
Game 3: Giants 2; Marlins 0
Game 4: Giants 1; Marlins 0
Game 5: Marlins 2; Giants 1 [11 Innings]
Game 6: Giants 5; Marlins 2
Game 7: Marlins 3; Giants 2 [17 Innings]

Marlins win series 4-2
NLDS MVP: Ichiro Suzuki, Miami Marlins [.391 Series Batting Average, 7 RBI, 2 Home Runs. 1.0 Innings Pitched in relief, came in game 7, inning 17 to relieve with 0 out bases loaded with 1 run lead, threw 3 strikeouts to win series]
---------------------------------------------World Series--------------------------------------
Seattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins

Game 1: Mariners 10; Marlins 0
Game 2: Mariners 11; Marlins 0
Game 3: Mariners 4; Marlins 0
Game 4: Mariners 3, Marlins 0

World Series MVP: Mike Zunino, Seattle Mariners [.500 Series Batting Average, 4 Home Runs, 7 RBI]
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Group Game Resume Nov 18, 2015
Turney Time Big Brother 1, Runner-Up, 2-5 votes to win
• 3 HoHs, 3 POVs
• 3 week winning streak from f5-f2 (F5 POV - Final 3 HOH)

FredCrugar's Big Brother Complexity, 7th place out of 28.
• Nominated twice all game
• Basically voted out due to a twist
• Least times nominated in the F10

ItsOfficial's Survivor Boreno, Sole Survivor, 7-1
• 3 Tribal Challenge wins, 5 Individual Challenge wins, Found 2 hidden immunity idols
• Won Fan Favorite and Entertainment awards
• Runner-up of Player of the Season award
• 100% Voting Accuracy (Every vote casted was against the person eliminated)
• 0 counted votes (6 votes nullified by Hidden Immunity Idol)

Konohavillage1's Survivor Greek Isles, Sole Survivor, 4-3-0
• 3 Immunity Wins
• 1 Idol Found
• Nominated for Fan Favorite, Villain of the Season, Best Idol Play Awards
• Winner of the Best Confessional and Most Strategic Awards

TTRS 31 Endurance II, Runner-Up
• Won 8 Challenges in a row to earn a spot in final 2
• Held 9/14 pieces going into final temple
• Returned from Revenge Island
• Runner-up of the Favorite of the Season award and 2nd Runner-up of the Host's favorite team Award.

Drago's Survivor: Ryukyu Islands, Runner-Up, 3-4-2
• 4 Individual Immunity wins, won 4/5 last challenges
• Individual Immunity Hat Trick (3 Challenge wins in a row)
• 1 Hidden Immunity Idol found

Winner&Prez's Survivor All-Stars
• RyJam Award Winner (Pre-Merge Player of the Season)

Kyreece's Big Brother 2, Winner, 4/6 votes to win
• 6 HoHs
• Voted out but returned

Toppei's Survivor Gemini, Sole Survivor, 5-1-0
• 3 Tribal Challenge Wins, 3 Individual Challenge Wins, 1 Immunity via twists
• Part of the Twin Twist ( )
• Found 2 Hidden Immunity Idols
• Player of the Season

Drago's Survivor Panama, 5th Place, Medically Evacuated
• 2 Individual Immunity wins
• Hero of the Season
• Most Entertaining Player
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