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Team Relevancy Part 1: NFL

Dec 8, 2015 by KingOfClubs
So I am going to go through all 32 teams in the NFL and say whether each team is relevant or irrelevant and why. This relevancy can be based off any type of reason, game play style, history, pop culture, etc GOOD or BAD. In addition, I will state which teams are "Iconic" aka relevant on a higher level than just within the realm of football.

----Iconic Teams----

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6 Super Bowl Wins and one of the largest fan bases in sports, need I say more?

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have been a successful team in their history, but their iconic status goes back to their ties to the hip-hop universe

Dallas Cowboys: A team so relevant, their cheer leading squad is more famous than a 3rd of the league

Green Bay Packers: Including pre-super bowl, the Packers are the most dominant team in football, and just ooze history with their stadium and deep community ties.

San Francisco 49ers: This team not only changed the NFL, but change the sport of football with the west coast offense.

----Relevant Teams---

Miami Dolphins: They are the only team to complete a perfect season.

Buffalo Bills: They had OJ before he was a felon and are the only team to go to 4 super bowls in a row (and more famously, loose 4 super bowls in a row)

Cleveland Browns: They suck, but they are relevant because they suck. However, not so commonly known is the fact that the Browns organization has had 8 championship teams.

Indianapolis Colts: The team that made the moving cities trend look cool, and the best quarterbacking team of all time (Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck)

Denver Broncos: The Broncos ALWAYS seem to have a good team

Kansas City Chiefs: They are the brain child of one of the most important men in North American sports, Lamar Hunt.

Washington Redskins: Their relevancy is both good and bad, good because they've won 5 championships in their history, bad because of the arguably racist name and logo.

New York Giants: Whether its setting up the Big Blue Wrecking Crew that made Lawrence Taylor the 2nd and to-date last defensive player to be crowned MVP, or crashing the perfect party of the Patriots, the Giants always seem  to be brewing something interesting.

Detroit Lions: Another team relevant partly because of how bad it is, no team in all of sports more exemplifies the true nature of Detroit better than the Lions (Try using American players Red Wings)

Chicago Bears: They are one of two charter teams in the NFL, and have one of the most famous and historically tested rivalries in all of sports with the Packers.

----Bubble Teams----

New England Patriots: Without a doubt, the Bellichek-Brady team is relevant. However, before then, the Patriots were an abysmal organization, so people have to remember that too.

New York Jets: They are the team that made the AFL relevant, but other than that, what have they done?

Baltimore Ravens: Two Super Bowls in twenty years of existent. Impressive? Yes. Enough to make them truly relevant? that's debatable.

Minnesota Vikings: No team has come so close so many times and failed like the Vikings. They are the Charlie Brown of the NFL, but is that enough to make them relevant?

Arizona Cardinals: This team really SHOULD be relevant, being the other charter team. But their constant city switching and years of horrible playing have really watered down that significance.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams have been around forever, and have done some great things, like Eric Dickerson setting the regular season rushing record or building the greatest show on turf, but is that really enough?

----Irrelevant Teams----

Cincinnati Bengals: Any team founded by Paul brown has to be relevant, right? WRONG!

Houston Texans: They are too new to be relevant yet, give it time, for they have J.J. Watt that might make them significant, provided he doesnt ditch them.

Tennessee Titans: If they we're still the Oilers, this might be a different story, but it's not.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Again, they are too new, and havent had a reasonable amount of time to do a whole lot.

San Diego Chargers: They've had some talent over the years, but San Diego is the worst sports city in America, so that makes it tough. Maybe try your luck in LA, Rivers and co.

Philadelphia Eagles: This team has been around forever, and occasionally has made some noise, but they havent done enough to be relevant.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints are a truly iconic team of their city, too bad their city is more relevant for Hurricanes and Marti Gras than football.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers are FANTASTIC this year, but other then that what have they really done in their short history?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They get some relevancy points for fielding one of the worst football teams ever in 1976 (0-14), and some more points for their win in Super Bowl XXXVII, but that's not enough.

Atlanta Falcons: The Dirty Birds revolutionized the quarterback position with Michael Vick, but he is not relevant any more, so neither is the team.

Seattle Seahawks: Few teams have had this much continued success in this era, and they did field one of the best recievers to ever play the game, but they have been too bad for too long before their Super Bowl XLVIII win.



Detroit Lions: Another team relevant partly because of how bad it is, no team in all of sports more exemplifies the true nature of Detroit better than the Lions (Try using American players Red Wings)
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Dec 9, 2015
the patriots have been dominating for about 15 years i think you can put them on relevant
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Dec 9, 2015
Would never think you'd put Green Bay high and Seahawks low
Sent by stuartlittle16,Dec 9, 2015
alaskanfiredragon but what exactly have they been doing for the 40 years before that?
Sent by KingOfClubs,Dec 9, 2015
What the hell has Detroit done kingofclubs
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Dec 9, 2015
Sucks im a Falcons fan tbh
Sent by Brayden_,Dec 9, 2015
Alaskanfiredragon, 4 titles in the 1950s, Barry Sanders, Bobby Layne, Calvin Johnshon, first ever 0-16 season.
Sent by KingOfClubs,Dec 9, 2015

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