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  1. A Goodbye Message

A Goodbye Message

Dec 28, 2013 by Kenu67
Well I have been known as an RP player here and have hosted and created many shows. I love to entertain people, make creative stories, and crazy and complex characters. Even if it's just for twenty people to end up see and enjoying it, I still love it. For a while now I have been confused about my future and I have dealt with depression for many years now. I have been through a lot of emotional and mental issues in my life and I have done a good job of covering it. As most people know I have kept my real life very private.

I want to thank everyone on here for all the support I have gotten and all the friends I have made. I truly love and care about every single one of you. Everything I do on here is for you guys. To put a smile on your face and make you forgot about how sucky the world is even if it’s just for a little bit. You have helped me more then you know. It’s made me so happy to make you all so happy. I'll be taking a break. I don't know when or if I will ever be back. Thank you for everything. Love you guys. <3



What's going to happen with Dark Days? And can we stay in touch.
Sent by kkoster001,Dec 28, 2013
:( what about Huntington Academy? I was so looking forward to that. But i wish you the best of luck and I'm glad I got a chance to RP with you in groups! Keep in touch :)
Sent by amylou8251,Dec 28, 2013
D: I'm sad that your leaving, but I understand, we all have to move on at some point.
But I'm still sad. :(
Sent by Missalice3,Dec 28, 2013
omg kenu I love you your so sweet to me you made me really feel apart of something if you come back mail me
Sent by Glinda,Dec 28, 2013
Love you Kenu! I'll miss you and if you ever need to talk, Know I'm here! I wish you huge success in the writing business I know you'll come up with something awesome!
Sent by MonaMania,Dec 28, 2013
Sorry for being rude to you from the.previous groups. Hope to get to talk more. Miss talking to ya.miss ya. Im still sorry
Sent by Maya10,Dec 28, 2013
I hope you come back soon.
Sent by ThatLoudDodrio,Dec 28, 2013
I'm sorry you have been dealing with depression
recently I have to, but I have great friends on here that I hope you find
I'm hoping positive for you in every way :3
get better for us

Sent by westyman558,Dec 28, 2013
I am so glad that I met you and it's been a pleasure working with you in your groups. Good luck and go get them!
Sent by Coyle14,Dec 28, 2013
You better come back soon. :(
Sent by kkoster001,Dec 29, 2013
Life is like photography. You develop from the negatives.  Come back soon!
Sent by Dejaman,Dec 29, 2013
Aw this sucks :(. But I respect your decision and I wish you luck with what you're doing. I'm trying to do some writing too. Btw just wondering at  you going to finish Dark Days or is it cancelled? Don't mind either way but good luck with whatever you pursue and thank for this past year of RPing. It's been fun.
Ellesse aka EllieC13 xxx
Sent by EllieC13,Dec 29, 2013
Good luck
Sent by Survivorgame1,Jan 28, 2014
Sent by Westyman557,Jan 29, 2015

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