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  1. Doing shots of Jameson
  2. When you hard core
  3. Beers and hot pockets
  4. Im drunk
  5. I laugh
  6. My pet snake died 馃槱
  7. Its 3:30 pm
  8. Totally tempted
  9. Fill hunger
  10. I highkey miss
  11. Looking for a best friend
  12. Ugh
  13. My depressed mood is back
  14. French onion sunchips
  15. Whats with tinder guys
  16. Aidan, i love you
  17. Oops
  18. Takin a mental health day
  19. My account keeps signing
  20. Boiii
  21. Ready to drink
  22. Im just gonna straight up
  23. The feelings of resentment
  24. Takin this hang over
  25. Ask me
  26. Im living
  27. Drunk and playing
  28. What should i drink?
  29. Aboutta drink alone
  30. I鈥檓 offended
  31. I will never understand
  32. My boyfriend
  33. You are actually so pretty馃槏
  34. If you dont have in n out
  35. Gotta love being tired af
  36. Whiskey is the best
  37. Cant wait to gtfo
  38. I love my new friend
  39. My cupid shuffle punishment
  40. Just wanted to say

Is it okay

Dec 31, 2017 by Kaylabby
To still be listening to Christmas music? Ive been listening to the same songs on repeat woops


You're good. The cut off is Jan 2nd
Sent by woeisme,Dec 31, 2017
omg babe u should listen 2 my christmas album
Sent by etaco75,Dec 31, 2017
Armenian Christmas isn't until January 6th so you're good
Sent by Amanyaman,Dec 31, 2017
WTF YOU SING, YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING IM CRYING! Why cant my voice be as good as you? Etaco75
Sent by Kaylabby,Dec 31, 2017
hahahahaha thank u baby hope u like it <333
Sent by etaco75,Dec 31, 2017
Etaco75 slay me! Dont forget me when you are famous
Sent by Kaylabby,Dec 31, 2017
I guess kaylabby
Sent by harrywasnak,Dec 31, 2017
Harrywasnak dont judge meee!
Sent by Kaylabby,Dec 31, 2017

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