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Its freakyvote Jun 25, 2021
When tengagers who you dont talk to pop up in your suggestions on social media apps… semajdude
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Wow vote Jun 24, 2021
A customer just asked if i was pregnant 😭😭😭😭😭 i dont even look pregnant yikes
Points: 67 2 comments
Hey friends vote Jun 24, 2021
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Happy birthday to mevote Jun 24, 2021
And my birthday twinsss❤️ Have a great day yall

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Whats your fav Jun 23, 2021
Energy drink? Mines mostly monster but sometimes i crave a rockstar
Points: 24 5 comments
Am I allowed Jun 23, 2021
To be upset and hurt that i now get/have to spend my birthday alone?
Points: 69 9 comments