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Me seeing thatvote Mar 6, 2021
1t design and thinking i was early and actually would get it... only to find out its “manufacturing” rip me
Points: 4 1 comments
Well happy friday Mar 5, 2021
Today has been a nightmare 😭
Points: 11 1 comments
I fear for the children Mar 5, 2021
That #wildboy12’s girlfriend has. I would never bring my kids near him
Points: 40 1 comments
Legend Mar 4, 2021
Points: 15 1 comments
As if shops Mar 4, 2021
Werent already confusing... someone give us a tutorial 😂 thanks
Points: 21 0 comments
All you wine drinkers Mar 3, 2021
On here, whats your favorite? Help a girl out, im trying to see what i should get at wine tastings
Points: 26 2 comments