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  2. Yikes
  3. Got a second degree burn
  4. Burnt the fuck
  5. Its really funny
  6. People really really
  7. Love mee
  8. Is there an Eddie Montgomery
  9. When they claim
  10. When your fighting
  11. I wish i didnt care
  12. Hey pal
  13. About to drink liquor
  14. Bro my coworker
  15. I dont have patience
  16. Shoutout to the greatest bff
  17. Someone at work
  18. I died my hair
  19. When you try to flirt
  20. Hes out of jail
  21. Question
  22. Respond faster pls
  23. Ugh
  24. Having to leave
  25. Gonna be starting
  26. Bro
  27. Should the person who caused
  28. I just want orange juice
  29. When you wake up
  30. Joining stars
  31. Why do people spam me
  32. Hello
  33. I miss him...
  34. Finally hit overtime
  35. Why do people
  36. Just another normal day
  37. I wish
  38. I miss him
  39. When they call you in for a 4 hour shift
  40. Wanna play stars

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Selfish Jan 17, 2020
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Yikes Jan 17, 2020
Ive come down with what my mom went into emergency surgery for last Saturday. Lets hope i dont have to
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Got a second degree burn Jan 13, 2020
In the worst spot on my hand cant close my hand fully or pick up things with it.
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Burnt the fuck Jan 13, 2020
Out of my hand at work today
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Its really funny Jan 13, 2020
That Ethan000 claims he regrets how he has handled things with me in the past, and that we are supposedly on “good terms” but in reality he ignores me, and doesn’t really bother. Can you maybe just be a decent fucking human and be honest with me? I’ve backed off a lot only messaging once in a blue moon so idk what more you want.
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People really really Jan 12, 2020
Need to educate themselves on medical conditions they apparently have if they want people to actually believe it🙄 other wise you’re just gonna look stupid
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