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8thAug 8, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

EPISODE 2 of 10 : “Searching For Answers”
Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
cinzi_lov - Cindy Ownes “Cinzi” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm” : X’er/VILLAIN.
#macda27 - “Jekyll” : Neither/VILLAIN..
JonMcGillis - Ji : PROTECTOR/HERO.
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Yoko_Homo - “Disturbia Killer” : X’er/VILLAIN.
CrimsonEnnui - Jade : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Kitana : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena : X’er/VILLAIN.
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis” : X’er/VILLAIN.
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx” : X’er/VILLAIN.
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead” : X’er/VILLAIN.
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch” : X’er/VILLAIN.
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron” : X’er/VILLAIN.
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa” : X’er/VILLAIN.

Paralox - Dann Thompson "Pyrobolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"


*Jade, Kitana and Eden sit at a table*

Eden - “So, you were cloned?”

Kitana - “I was born with my powers. At a young age everyone saw me as a freak. I couldn’t control myself all the time. I would freeze things when I didn’t mean to... I almost killed my parents entirely by accident. I just couldn’t control myself.”

Eden - “What does that have to-”

Kitana - “I was taken by an agent. A government agent, and my genes were tested. Everything was tested. You know, I’m sure… most people born with powers, if they didn’t learn how to control it… they went through testing after testing. Trying to find the science in it, and when nothing came forth, they were taken in by The Protectors. Or they were taken in by X Caliber. I got the unlucky card.”

Jade - “And so did I.”

Kitana - “I don’t remember much of that time.”

Jade - “And neither do I.”

Kitana - “But I do know, some of the DNA from the tests was used in some advanced experiment… And they created an exact clone of me. Every particle. She is an extension of me.”

Eden - “Does she have the same powers?”

Kitana - “No.”

Jade - “It’s much worse than that.”

Kitana - “She has razor sharp teeth. Fangs. Like a lion. She can generate claws whenever she feels like it. She can make poison. And she has super hearing. She can hear things spoken from miles away. She’s one of the most dangerous villains in the City.”


Kitana - “And I don’t think I’m powerful enough to take her on my own.”

*Kitana, Jade and Eden all exchange glances at each other*

Kitana - “But together? I think we can.”

*Eden slightly nods after a pause, conflicted*



*Light Storm and Saint sit next to each other*

Saint - “When’s the last time you talked to your brother?

Light Storm - “It’s been quite a few years. What about you and your brother?”

Saint - “Well, same. We aren’t exactly having family reunions at Christmas anymore.”

Light Storm - “Yeah.”

*Saint nods, chuckling*

Light Storm - “What?”

Saint - “It’s just… there’s always sibling rivalries, but we really took that to a whole new level, didn’t we?”

*Light Storm smiles, nodding, with a sigh*

Saint - “Sometimes I just wish we had normal lives. I wouldn’t really… ever get along with Sam, but… at least we’d be a family.”

Light Storm - “Aurora, you still… are a family. As messed up as it is. You’ll always be a family.”

Saint - “Do you consider you and Jack a family still?”

Light Storm sighs - “I guess… our situations are a bit more complicated than that. You got me there.”

Saint sighs, smiling at Light Storm - “Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but… I’m over it. My family wants nothing to do with me, and I want nothing to do with Vyx.”

Light Storm - “You mean Samuel.”

Saint - “Nah, he isn’t Sam to me anymore. He’s the villain he chose to become.”

*Light Storm looks down, Saint stands up, and walks away*


*Fuerza Mística and Night Woman sit together*

Night Woman - “Do you really think we should be focusing on Jekyll? Over an entire team of villains? Like, shouldn’t we be… prioritizing a bit?”

Fuerza Mística - “You know… you’re my mentor. You’re who helped me discover my powers, and grew them and everything. You’re who created the hero I am. You were with me every step of the way… and I think you’d want me to speak my truth.”

Night Woman - “Of course.”

Fuerza Mística - “I think we should just… be team players. We will always have more time to topple the villains.”

Night Woman - “Until we don’t anymore, like, I think Marjorey had a point.”

Fuerza Mística - “If you want to go out there… and contribute to the growing Civil War. I support you. But I think you know… to defeat the team of bad guys… we need to be a unit.”

Night Woman, slightly nodding - “Shit, who let you grow up and get so smart.”

Fuerza Mística - “You’re literally only 5 years older than me, calm down.”

Night Woman - “I want you to promise me… if The Protectors split up. You won’t turn on me.”

Fuerza Mística - “Come on, you know I’d never do that.”

Night Woman - “You always do what you think is right.”

Fuerza Mística - “Turning on my best friend will never be right.”

*Alexa Rose and Marjorey walks into the room*

Night Woman - “Alexa, Marjorey... I changed my mind… again.”

Alexa Rose - “About what?”

Night Woman - “I think we have to kill Jekyll first. Then we can focus on taking down the X’ers.”

*Marjorey rolls her eyes*

Alexa Rose - “Marjorey, Jekyll literally almost killed you yesterday.”

Marjorey - “I could’ve handled it!”

*Night Woman chuckles to herself, with an eye roll*

Alexa Rose - “We’re going to take Jekyll down.”

*Night Woman and Fuerza Mística exchange a glance, smiling*


*Cinzi sits alone, reading through files, as Ithemba sits down next to her*

Cinzi - “Hi?”

Ithemba - “Hey.”

Cinzi - “What's up?”

Ithemba - “What are you looking through?”

Cinzi - “I’m sorry but am I bothering you?”

Ithemba - “Why would you say that?”

Cinzi - “We’ve never talked before. Not much anyways. And never outside of a mission.”

Ithemba - “Well, I want to change that. Is that okay?”

Cinzi - “Well, I think you know as well as anybody… in the super business, anyone can backstab you at any time.”

Ithemba - “Come on, Cinzi. Trust me.”

Cinzi - “Why should I?”

Ithemba - “I don’t have any friends here… and I feel like… so many people are forming… groups. And… I don’t fit in here.”

*Cinzi is silent for a beat, before nodding*

Cinzi - “I guess I can relate to that, too.”

Ithemba - “Yeah.”

Cinzi - “I’m sorry. It’s just… I’m not used to-“

Ithemba - “I get it.”

*Cinzi slightly smiles, before going back to focusing on the files*

Ithemba - “What are you looking at, though?”

Cinzi - “I’m comparing files. My situation is a bit different than everyone else’s.”

Ithemba - “What do you mean?”

Cinzi - “Some people… most people… were born different. I… got my powers… in a different way.”

Ithemba - “How?”

Cinzi - “Sorry to burst your bubble… but, we just started talking 30 seconds ago, I think that’s more of a… later discussion.”

Ithemba - “What are you looking for, though?”

Cinzi - “The way I got these powers are unnatural and if somebody got them under similar circumstances, I want to figure out more about them.”

Ithemba - “You’re searching for answers.”

Cinzi - “Sort of.”

Ithemba - “Cool!”


Ithemba - “I’m gonna figure out more about you, Cindy.”

Cinzi - “Good luck with that.”

*Ithemba smiles at her, Cinzi slightly smiles back, before hiding her smile by looking through the files some more*


*Sensor stands by a stool that has a pile of knives on it. With her mind she lifts up the top knife, raising her hand slightly, and flicks her wrist, throwing the knife into the target board, landing right off center, as Violeta walks into the room*

Sensor - “Shit.”

Violeta - “Need help with aim? That’s kind of one of my… specialities.”

Sensor, with a sigh - “I don’t need a 16 year old telling me how to hit my target.”

Violeta - “Seemed like a bit of an unnecessary diss, but okay.”

Sensor - “Sorry, it’s just.. Frustrating. Being unable to do shit myself.”

Violeta - “I get it-”

Sensor - “Shouldn’t you be at school or something?”

Violeta - “I don’t do school, really. Whole hero thing is sort of my full time… job?”

Sensor - “Oh, so you go to super school?”

Violeta - “Sorta. Kind of redundant now, I sort of… got them figured out pretty much.”

Sensor - “Oh I doubt-”

*Violeta picks up a gun off a table, and puts a blindfold on*

Sensor - “What are you-”

*Violeta shoots 3 times, the bullets passing by Sensor’s head slightly, and each bullet hits the bullseye, in the same exact spot*

Sensor, looking at the target, shocked - “Okay, shit.”

*Violeta takes off the blindfold, with a smirk*

Sensor - “I-”

Violeta - “Yeah.” *puts the gun down* “You were saying?”

Sensor - “That isn’t your only powe-”

*Violeta then disappears out of thin air*

Sensor - “Okay, you made your point-”

*Sensor hears a noise, and turns around to see Violeta sitting on the complete opposite side of the room, holding a knife. Sensor turns towards the target and notices a knife was taken out of it*

Violeta - “So, sharp aim, check. Invisibility, check. Transportation, check. Why do I need school again?”

Sensor - “Can you come over here, you’re on the other side of the room.”

*Violeta nods, and immediately transports up to Sensor, setting the knife back down on the stool*

Sensor - “You’re young. School, super or regular, is important. You may not know it yet, but it grows you into a full fledged hero, rather than just a person with powers.”

Violeta - “I hate to break it to you… but you might need my help more than I need your advice…”

Sensor - “I’ve only had my powers for a year-”

Violeta - “You’ve only KNOWN your powers were THERE for a year. You weren’t created in a lab or anything.”

Sensor - “No… It’s weird… it’s different.. it’s like one day I was normal… and the next… I was… super.”

Violeta - “You know that isn’t how it works.”

Sensor - “I just… don’t know. I felt it inside me. The power radiating. I don’t know what happened.”

Violeta - “They might’ve burst out at that point, but they were always inside of you. That’s just the facts.”

Sensor - “You’d be amazed by what’s fact and what’s just accepted.”

*Violeta rolls her eyes, and walks back out of the room*

Sensor - “I was not born with these!”

Violeta - “Whatever you say, girl.” *closes the door*


*Tlaloc is sitting with Marjorey when Eden walks over*

Eden, to Tlaloc - “We need to talk.”

Marjorey - “You can say what you have to say to me, too.”

Eden - “I know I can, but I also don’t want to.”

Tlaloc - “Marjorey, you can go talk to Night Woman and Alexa Rose.”

Marjorey - “Why is this bitch being so secretive about this info, though? Now I want to know what he has to say.”

Eden - “Seriously, Marjorey, I am 2 seconds away from-”

Tlaloc turns to Marjorey - “I will hang out with you later. We can get coffee. Okay?”

*Marjorey rolls her eyes, nodding, and gets up, going into another room*

Tlaloc - “What, Eden?”

Eden - “Listen, I was hanging out with the besties.”

Tlaloc - “I don’t trust them.”

Eden - “I don’t know about them either, but… apparently Mileena, you know, one of the most dangerous villains of all time, is Kitana’s evil clone gone wrong.”

Tlaloc - “Why are you telling me this?”

Eden - “I don’t know about the besties, but I do know I trust you. You’re the first person here I’ve made any friendship at all with. But, listen-”

Tlaloc - “Oh my god, that’s so nice!”

Eden - “LISTEN.”

*Tlaloc sighs and nods*

Eden - “Kitana and Jade… made this deal with me. That we have each other’s backs… and while the rest of us are focussed on tracking down and killing Jekyll once and for all… we kill Mileena.”

Tlaloc - “Okay, and you want me to… help?”

Eden - “Not necessarily.. But I need back-up. Whether Kitana and Jade turn on me, or Mileena gets the best of us. I want you to have my back if I need it.”


Eden - “Will you be there for me?”

Tlaloc nods, hesitantly - “Of course.”

Eden - “I don’t know when it’s happening, but I’ll need you when it does.”

Tlaloc - “Eden. I know it’s not easy for you to open up, but you opened up to me. I will have your back when you need it. Trust me.”

Eden hesitantly nods - “I do.”

*Eden hugs Tlaloc*

*Marjorey stares at them through a window, pouting her lips, before storming down the hallway*


*Marjorey walks down the sidewalk, a pistol in her hand, but as she notices Mileena walking down the sidewalk, in her direction, Marjorey stops by a building and hides by the wall. Holding her gun close to her chest*

*Mileena is walking down the sidewalk with her claws out, and her fangs showing*

*Jekyll comes out from behind a tree and approaches her*

Mileena - “Hello, Jekyll.”

Jekyll - “Mileena.”

*Marjorey peeks her head out, noticing them talking, much to her surprise, but she can not hear them*

Mileena - “I know you don’t tend to let the people you interact with live. But, I figured you’d like to hear what I have to say.”

Jekyll - “I’m not so sure I’d be able to take you anyway.”

Mileena, sarcastically - “Ha ha.”

*Marjorey starts to get closer, gun in hand. Trying to eavesdrop on them*

Mileena - “Here’s the deal. I want Kitana and Jade dead. But, I am unsure if I can do it all by myself. So, I think we can mutually benefit each other here.”

Jekyll - “How do you figure?”

Mileena - “You help me out, I can help you out. You help me kill Kitana and Jade, I kill X Caliber, and you can be the head villain in charge.”

Jekyll - “I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t an appealing offer.”

Mileena - “Their powers are no match if we join forces. Nobody’s powers would match up to us.”

*Jekyll notices Marjorey standing nearby, and he quickly turns into a wolf, running after her*

*Mileena shakes her heard, rolling her eyes, as she takes her claws out and starts walking after him*

*Marjorey tries to run away but is quickly toppled down by Jekyll, and he rips her back of her scalp off, biting into her head, killing her near instantly*

Mileena - “Turn back into a human now, that was extra.”

*Jekyll turns back into his original form, as they both hear footsteps running away. Mileena turns her head and notices Marjorey, running away. It isn’t long before she figures out that Jekyll just killed a clone, not Marjorey*

Mileena - “Okay, well… I said they can’t outpower us, not outsmart us.”


*X and Neuron sit next to each other, waiting for the other villains to show up*

Neuron - “So.. do you do super school or real school?”

*X stares at Neuron*

Neuron - “I used to go to real school until my parents died.”

X - “I… don’t care.”

Neuron - “I was just… making conversation-“

X - “Look, I don’t have friends. I don’t want to make any friends. We are villains. We have a goal in mind. To take over the city using an army of undead heroes. And that’s all.”

Neuron - “Just because your daddy is the biggest villain of all time doesn’t mean you have to be a dick.” *gets up and leaves the room*


*Neuron storms in and slams the door, before letting out a gigantic shriek/cry, that like she’s been holding in her entire life. The scream causes a monumental vibration effect that breaks every single mirror in the room*

Neuron - “Holy shit…”


*Neuron and The Green Witch stand in the bathroom, staring at the mirror shards on the ground*

The Green Witch - “Once you get full control of your powers… you could be the most powerful person on the planet.”


X Caliber - “You missed our meeting.”

Mileena - “Oh, I must’ve not been paged.”

X Caliber - “You’re supposed to stay on site when there isn’t a mission."


X Caliber - “She attacked me, and now is out and about, walking the cities, free to kill anyone.”

Vyx - “You want us to… track her down and kill her?”

X Caliber - “Is that a problem?”


*Vyx and Dark Storm search the City*

Vyx - “Do you actually want to do this?”




i'm loving this <3
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Aug 8, 2019
good job cant wait for me :3
Sent by Yandereboy12,Aug 8, 2019
Nice except I think x grew up in a bad environment
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 8, 2019
Lmao and why does x have the dad as the leader hoe did you decide that
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 8, 2019
shanedawson12345 it just worked with the story lol
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 8, 2019
I can tell Tlaloc dies
Sent by MrBird,Aug 8, 2019
Good episode.
Sent by Kelly2722,Aug 8, 2019
Nothing of my character
Sent by aria_grande,Aug 9, 2019
Loving this! I really thought Marjorey waa dead for a sec lmao! I still think she won't make it to season 2 though:(

About my characters, I love seeing how Fuerza Mística sees Night Woman as a role model, it's so cute!
Sent by varlto,Aug 9, 2019
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Aug 9, 2019
I really hope a character dies next episode
Sent by Paralox,Aug 9, 2019
I thought my character died for a second, guess those powers aren't so useless after all 😂
Sent by tkoj555,Aug 9, 2019

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