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Back back back againnnn

5thSep 30, 2018 by JourdanBabyXoXo
After being wrongfully banned for 3 days? lmao?
Two people posted a chain blog. The title of the first was "I like to hit gay people"
The next was "I hit homeless people"
so then I blogged directly after theirs "I hit both!"

And I get banned for three days for hate speech, homophobic language. YIKESSS.... Admin
I get maybe what I said is bannable… for like 24 hours MAYBE? But the fact that it was THREE days + the original people didn't get any kind of ban? mmmno……

Id like to speak to a manager please


LMAO yikes
Sent by Paige54,Sep 30, 2018
Id like to speak to a manager please
Sent by Ari_,Sep 30, 2018
im ur manager
Sent by maturo,Sep 30, 2018
1) That's not hate speech.

2) That wasn't even homophobic language.

Sent by Loopspeare,Sep 30, 2018
admin is retarded so we’re not shocked
Sent by EyooMarcus,Sep 30, 2018
Imagine saying that though.
Sent by TR1364,Oct 1, 2018
Id like to speak to a manager please
Sent by Minniemax,Oct 1, 2018
How did you get the punishment but they didn't? haha xD
Sent by dandoe,Oct 1, 2018

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