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XXX is still a topic on this site?vote Jul 10, 2020
Hes dead. Move on.
Yeah, he was a shit person but no point in dragging him through the mud now that hes gone.
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stan kyle richards for clear skin! Jul 9, 2020
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hi new art :) Jul 3, 2020

My take on my favorite Dead by Daylight character, Plague.
Im pretty proud of this one. I think the rendering on the dress couldve been better but i still like it. Any DBD fans?
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sorta like Saraj10s blog Jul 2, 2020
I was 14 when that Astone dude sent me catfish photos and tried to get me to send him nudes.
Then when i didn’t he got a top blog for trolling me because everyone thought i was annoying (which i was but.... 14)

are we pretending that never happened or
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new drawing :) Jun 25, 2020

5 days ago was Swedish Midsommar so i made look inspired by one of my personal favorite movies, Midsommar ! If you look closely, the headpiece is a maypole with people dancing around it. The dress is made of skin to represent the blood eagle
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racist Jun 23, 2020
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