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died in the hungry games Mar 11, 2021
heartbroken dont hmu </3
Points: 40 2 comments
who do i nom in stars Mar 2, 2021
Points: 17 2 comments
thanks for the saves <3 Mar 1, 2021
Points: 99 9 comments
making a vlog Mar 1, 2021
ask questions!!

and ask things other than opinions annoying asses
Points: 2 0 comments
making a vlog! Mar 1, 2021
recording later today.
comment questions. they can be about anything <3 i’ll be talking a bit about stars and what i’ve been up to since i was last active on tg
Points: 50 5 comments
No title Mar 1, 2021
imagesave me in stars this DC
Points: 41 4 comments