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  6. I know y’all dont care about my opinion
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  10. Question for Mortal Kombat fans
  11. Y’all should be begging
  12. Anyone not have many gifts
  13. We-
  14. What ever happened
  15. shane dawson isnt funny
  16. does anyone
  17. I’m flattered
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  21. A R I A N A
  22. Take a moment out of your day
  23. Some of y’all are bout to be real mad at me
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  25. The girls are FIGHTING
  26. I’m very excited
  27. 3 more for hunga
  28. Bye sister
  29. I’m actually screaming
  30. There’s a difference
  31. Tati right now (pic)
  33. Seeing Ariana tonight!
  34. guess who
  35. If you didn’t pretend to be a girl
  36. L I S A
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Goodbye May 16, 2019
Step 1 to a better life
Removing toxic and unneccessary things. This site has taken years from me and im done letting it direct my life. See yall never
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This really is May 16, 2019
The dumbest shit in the world. I questioned Akeria , MY FRIEND, on whether or not he filed a police report on my other friend Bryce. It was questionable because he’s done illegal stuff too and it wouldn’t make much sense for him to do that. And he instantly starts going around saying I’m hacked.
Friends can disagree, friends can go against eachother in defending other friends. It doesn’t mean I’m hacked or Bryce is on my account. He was on my account a few days ago because I needed him to lock in a set for me because I got locked out of my computer.
Get off my back. It’s still me. Not Bryce. Your being annoying as hell
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PSA! (Pic) May 16, 2019
imageMy dog has to wear diapers now because she’s an old lady and I’m crying
Also I got a hair cut and I miss my curly hair uwu
Points: 2 1 comments
IMAGINE May 16, 2019
a world where this

is attractive. Why the LONNNG face BrunoMiguel ? eggplant headass
Points: 20 5 comments
First James now Trisha May 15, 2019
Kinda crazy the amount of youtubers who’s careers are just going down the drain in these last few days. I think Trisha paytas can recover, as the person she did it to isn’t very big and he’s only big in the mukbang community but James is done
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I know y’all dont care about my opinion May 15, 2019
But support Maxi, Emz and Mdavis in stars
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