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Going to Disneyland todayvote Mar 24, 2019
I s2g if anybody runs over my feet in a rascal today ... JDHSKAJS
Points: 10 1 comments
I genuinely don’t getvote Mar 23, 2019
Why people in Stars polls etc are like “I haven’t lied and I’ve never backstabbed anyone and I’ve been loyal”

Your telling me you’ve been a goat all game. Just sticking with the pack and waiting until you go up. Smh lie to people and be a bad person
Points: 5 0 comments
This irks me Mar 22, 2019
@chamelon777 or Heather whatever the fatass is named on this site blogs about how I made fun of her disability?

Kelly0412 made a FUNNY blog about her. A JOKE and in it made a self deprecating joke about him being like weird or something I forget. I commented like “I cackled”

And the bitch MAKES A BLOG and @s me and is like “I feel sorry for you that you think it’s funny to make fun of my disability”
Girl nobody gives a fuck you have some disability. NO BODY. It doesn’t matter. We don’t know you and we don’t care about you. I have aspbergers. Why the hell would I make fun of someone for autism or Down syndrome whatever you have? It serves NO purpose to me.

Stop using your disability every time someone dislikes you. I dislike you because you take everything personally and exaggerate every damn thing. I commented about laughing at a blog and you instantly decided I laughed because your autistic.

Ah yes. Autism is HILARIOUS!

Go make a video for your 100 views, div.
Points: 51 6 comments
Reading livvieboo Mar 15, 2019
Make a poll box speech saying “I never lied to anyone” when the main thing she was known for in the house is being a liar and a snAKE... it’s mind numbing.

Playing a game like Stars your gonna have to lie. OWN UP TO IT. She’s been in the majority all game and saying she’s been “alone since Violets left” bull shit.

Sorry but like .......... as everyone in the cast has said she’s DELUSIONAL
Points: 71 2 comments
every BB Comp Mar 13, 2019
"So I have to make sure that I (task of challenge) on else I might be in trouble"
"Right now I need to finish (task of challenge) to secure my safety"
"Once im done with (task of challenge) then I can (other part of challenge)"
"So I see (name) (task of challenge) I need to pick it up"
Points: 168 3 comments
So here’s the tea Mar 11, 2019
5 years ago I was 12 years old. I was angry and unhappy with myself. I made some mistakes and said shit things. 12 years old. Keep that in mind.

After a heated argument over her outting a person on the Z site, I told her “kill yourself”.
Such a shitty thing for me to say. I said something awful.
5 years ago I said something disgusting and terrible.

But every single time I at all talk with LivvieBoo12 AKA “Fufu” she goes “remember that time you said I should kill myself”

Just today in the Stars house because I nominated her friend she told everyone the story and now over and over is asking me if it’s okay. No it wasn’t okay. Not at all okay. It was bad but I made a huge blog and issued a huge apology, somebody messaged my mom on Facebook and I had to leave my school as a punishment and I’m always apologizing.

I’m sick of this always being held against me. 5 years now. I’ve lost friends on here, I’ve had to leave the school I LOVED I was grounded a month and couldn’t hang out with any of my friends from that school. I’m DONE being crucified for a mistake 5 years ago.

Because something i said at 12 years old people email my mom and tell her to shoot her family and myself. Thats fucking insane.
Points: 88 3 comments