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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

just found out

Oct 1, 2022 by Jengaged
imagethere is a picture of me running cross country that has been hanging in my high school ever since i graduated. and its not even the shot that does my legs the most justice :///


I ran XC too and my yearbook did me fkn DIRTY
Sent by Notsae,Oct 1, 2022
notsae oh dont even get me started on the yearbook. one time they put a pic of me hurdling w bad form/an unflattering facial expression. had the nerve to spell my name wrong under it too.
Sent by Jengaged,Oct 1, 2022
YES literally I was gonna elaborate and say they tried to show an "action shot" and it's literally my face DROOPING as I was doing my final sprint in a meet.. like... thanks luvs
Sent by Notsae,Oct 1, 2022

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