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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Dream Second Chances Cast

3rdAug 29, 2022 by Jengaged

Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Monica Bailey
Ivette Corredero
Kail Harbick
Jen Johnson
Sheila Kennedy
Renny Martyn
Dr. Michele Noonan-Ross
Kalia Booker
Jodi Rollins
Jocasta Odom
Bridgette Dunning
Natalie Negrotti
Dominique Cooper
Angela “Rockstar” Lantry
Britini D’Angelo


I learned that Ivette called Kaysar a sand N word
Sent by Danger,Aug 29, 2022
I don’t see Azah
Sent by Times_Places,Aug 29, 2022
danger not shocked that grodner almost put her back in the house with him for bb22 despite that
Sent by Jengaged,Aug 29, 2022
Dr. Michele Noonan-Ross
Sent by GrodnerClit,Aug 29, 2022
tbh this list
Sent by BigBrotherSuperToMe,Aug 29, 2022
not kail hdbhgdvhdvfg
Sent by turkeylover,Aug 29, 2022
Sent by RoyalChief,Aug 29, 2022
Angela “Rockstar” Lantry
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Aug 29, 2022
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 30, 2022
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Aug 30, 2022
Sent by wayne_train,Aug 30, 2022
If Jodi isn’t on, I swear I’m calling CBS and filing a complaint.
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Aug 30, 2022
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Aug 30, 2022

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