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bb24 cast ranking

Jul 25, 2022 by Jengaged
imageTaylor - Mom the way she has a lot of these weirdos pressed. AFP lock I can鈥檛 wait for everyone鈥檚 reactions

Brittany - Hypnotherapist belly dancing legend. She is playing an awful game which makes me support her more.

Indy - Unbothered and unfiltered. Future BBB winner the things she says are hilarious and poignant.

Paloma - Every insensitive comment about her mental health that I see makes me more certain that she will always have my support.

Joseph - Beautiful strategic king who changed the game. The best man on the cast.

Michael - The only 馃毈 worth supporting in the past decade of Big Brother. I hope he wins 4 vetos in a row.

Alyssa - Delusional queen of writing awful poetry. She needs to flip to the right side of the house

Kyle - MORMON KINGGGG he鈥檚 really pretty too. Also changed the game and is exceeding everyones expectations.

Jasmine - Awful and annoying hag but everyone below her is worse and she is kinda funny.

Ameerah - Delusional rat who will be leaving the game on Thursday. I cannot wait for the veto fallout she鈥檚 probably gonna be convinced she has the votes

Terrance - Out of touch and boring, doing whatever he can to fit in with the cool kids and it won鈥檛 work.

Monte - Being in the leftovers saves him from the bottom 3. He annoyed the fuck out of me weeks 1-2 and tbh he still does.

Turner - Smelly as fuck and I believe his problematic sister. He鈥檚 on the right side of the house now but the ice is thin.

Pooch - Really gross. The way he was. so touchy w the men like that has GOT to be a closet case. I am very happy that he left the game.

Daniel - He is into 18 year old girls so uh 馃毄. He鈥檚 not the rockstar he thinks he is. Just a former theatre kid who probably peaked during a school production of The Sound of Music.

Nicole - Violent ex cop who has zero likability. We really couldn鈥檛 go one season without an awful rep for the LGBT community. I bet she arrested so many people for weed ugh she makes me sick.


This is kinda tea. I鈥檓 on the Nicole hate train
Sent by Pekka,Jul 25, 2022
Does Pooch move up in your rankings knowing that he got jumped upon exiting the BB house, and wants no part of his recently born child's life?
Sent by Pieguy555,Jul 25, 2022
pieguy555 he is in the closet so i understand why he left his baby mama
Sent by Jengaged,Jul 25, 2022
Michael should be higher tbh and Paloma lower but otherwise good ranking
Sent by Noxack17,Jul 25, 2022

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