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  1. I literally do nothing on here anymore
  2. If someone had told me
  3. Before I started work
  4. The uploader has not made this video available in..
  5. Today was a great day
  6. I made a ranking of the cast after ep 1
  7. So who are TG's favourites
  8. If there were ever a zombie apocalypse
  9. Just watched survivor
  10. Why does any blog about religion
  11. Why do religions
  12. When I'm walking home from work
  13. When making subject choices in school...
  14. I would genuinely pay someone
  15. Literally my only goal in life
  16. Oh, I did another fail at work today
  18. Apprentice wages are so shit
  19. my friend's parents dont make them
  20. Hi :)
  21. I thought I was locked out...
  22. Is 'it's because it's a monday'
  23. Every weekend
  24. People on the cbs survivor fb page
  25. I will be rich then.
  26. LMFAO
  27. BB16 final 2
  28. I broke my own rule
  29. I find it ironic that there's a Victoria at my..
  30. When people try to piss me off on here
  31. I ordered a takeaway
  32. So at work today so far
  33. Just logged on before work
  34. I hate thursdays
  35. Goddess
  36. With my job now
  37. Beth in Harper's Island
  38. Woman on facebook
  39. Why don't I learn?
  40. My friend's amazing words of wisdom...

If there were ever a zombie apocalypse

Sep 25, 2014 by Jacob_96
all of you would actually live because you never leave your bedrooms and sit on your computers all day
you probs wouldnt even notice tbh


lol haha
Sent by kasey2011,Sep 25, 2014
Till the network dies
Sent by Foxox,Sep 25, 2014
Sent by noah_kondon,Sep 25, 2014
slay :)
Sent by peace123,Mar 26, 2016

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