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Big Brother: Just Desserts - Red

Apr 5, 2018 by Jacadeux
This is the blog where Red will have people assist.

On your blog, You need to have a TV Star tag ANOTHER TV star. But they need to be careful who they tag. Because, the TV Star that they tagged, will need to tag YET ANOTHER TV Star, and on and on, for as many TV Stars as you can connect in a chain. A Constellation for your Galaxy Cake, get it? Example:

TV Star1 - Tags @TVStar2
TV Star 2 - Tags @TVStar3
TV Star 3 - Tags @TVStar4


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Chain:  Alanb1 - me2013 - jayglezst - tyler93 - woeisme - tara g = 6
Sent by Jacadeux,Apr 6, 2018
Solve this puzzle!

The results will be a URL that you will have to type into a browser. It will take you to a google maps location. You will know you typed it incorrectly, because the address WILL NOT CHANGE when you hit enter. If it changed, then you made a typo, sorry.

Once you have correctly typed the address, you will be dropped off somewhere in America. Your job is to look around you for words. One of these words matches with a tengaged user profile. Go to the first blog of that user for your next clue.
Sent by Jacadeux,Nov 30, 2019

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