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Terrorism at Pride May 14, 2024
Logging in to spread awareness.


The FBI and DHS are issuing this Public Service Announcement to provide awareness to the public of foreign terrorist organizations (FTOS) or their supporters potential targeting of LGBTQIA+-related events and venues. Foreign terrorist organizations or supporters may seek to exploit increased gatherings associated with the upcoming June 2024 Pride Month.
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I laugh Dec 17, 2022
imageat people who speak from a place of ignorance.

Like, I find it genuinely funny when people can only adjust their own egos by attacking other people. Can ya'll not be a little more inventive and creative and put in the work to improve your own actual happiness without having to tear people down? Is it that hard? My guess is you have stuff going on in your personal life which is so beyond your control that you come here to hide and pretend to be dominant. I don't know if that's cute or sad, but I don't know you or care about you so it's really beyond my concern.

And for your next attempt at agism, old men have SAGGY balls, not SMALL balls.
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Why are there negative times Dec 16, 2022
On some of the games? Is it daylight savings somewhere?
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Breaking up with Shannen Doherty Oct 30, 2022
Is an underappreciated show.
I was entertained.
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Asking for group game help. Oct 19, 2022
Keep group games alive

Please plus this blog

and please plus/neg this blog as needed to get closer to 0
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I need to share this Jun 27, 2022

Republican Platform 2016 & 2020
Page 10 - The Judiciary

... We understand that only by electing a Republican president in 2016 will America have the opportunity for up to five new constitutionally-minded Supreme Court justices appointed to fill vacancies on the Court. Only such appointments will enable courts to begin to reverse the long line of activist decisions - including Roe, Obergefell, and the Obamacare cases - that have usurped Congress's and State's lawmaking authority...

1) They have been telling us what their plans are for almost a decade now.
2) Anyone who is saying that overturning Obergefell is not a Republican priority will not be believed. They are wrong just like they were when they said it would never happen to Roe.
3) My equality is under attack (again? still?) and I feel entitled to be angry about it.
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