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I laugh

13thDec 17, 2022 by Jacadeux
imageat people who speak from a place of ignorance.

Like, I find it genuinely funny when people can only adjust their own egos by attacking other people. Can ya'll not be a little more inventive and creative and put in the work to improve your own actual happiness without having to tear people down? Is it that hard? My guess is you have stuff going on in your personal life which is so beyond your control that you come here to hide and pretend to be dominant. I don't know if that's cute or sad, but I don't know you or care about you so it's really beyond my concern.

And for your next attempt at agism, old men have SAGGY balls, not SMALL balls.


She鈥檚 literally the weirdest little thing ever. I鈥檝e never seen some one get off on being such a troll 馃槀馃槀. But she鈥檚 scary as fuck, because she filtered me. But continues to blog about me. That is some punk ass energy. I wish she would toughen up.
Sent by Kyanna9610,Dec 17, 2022
It takes all kinds, I guess. I guess she's a child though, so she's her parents' problem, not mine.
Sent by Jacadeux,Dec 17, 2022

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