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Evolution - Midseason 1 Premiere - "Toughen Up"

Dec 24, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Jarvis (62, Energy Male) - EPISODE 2
Alycia's Brother (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by someone in a Blue Hood)


Episode 9 (Midseason 1 Premiere): “Toughen Up”

Everyone on the stage still alive and standing stood in awe as they watched the reunion of Alycia and her brother.  Alycia sobbed, still not believing what she was seeing.  Her brother finally approached her, wrapping her in his arms.

Alycia’s brother: (consoling) There there.  I will explain everything after we’re out of here.
???: Hey, anyone seen JJ?

All heads turned towards Daniel, the person who asked the question.

Spencer: Who the fuck’s JJ!?
Shawn: (answering for Daniel) JJ came to the theater with me and Daniel before this fight happened.  We were seated with Mac and Jarvis as well, but we didn’t know they were working with Zela this whole time.  The three of us ran to help in the fight, but JJ got separated from us while we were still descending from the second floor.

Alycia’s brother took a deep sigh as let go of Alycia and stood up.

Alycia’s brother: I know what happened.
Brooke: Then tell us!
Alycia’s brother: You’re going to despise me for this, but on my way here, I smelled corrosion.
Daniel: Corrosion!?  You don’t mean…
Alycia’s brother: (solemnly) But I do.  I went upstairs and saw what had happened.  He’s dead.

Daniel ran up to the man and punched him in the face, only for Daniel’s hand to grow numb from the cold afterward.  That didn’t stop him from grabbing his collar and hauling him up, dangling him over the edge of the stage

Daniel: You fucking murdered our friend!?
Alycia’s brother: (shakes his head) No.  He was already dead when I saw him.  Besides, even if I wanted to kill, I don’t have the means to corrode people and throw them into the wall afterward.  My powers are ice, which are far removed from what one would need to do something like that.

Daniel pulled him back onto the stage.

Daniel: (vehemently) Then show me.
Alycia’s brother: (spts out) Very well! (turns to the crowd) Anyone who wants to see JJ can come with me to the second floor.

Alycia, Brooke, Daniel, Shawn followed him immediately.  Saara was initially hesitant, but decided to follow afterward, leaving a grief-stricken Vixella, a distraught Addie, Katalia, Kitty, Spencer, and the man in the blue hood on the now-ruined mainstage.

--End Scene—

Daniel’s jaw dropped as he beheld JJ’s corpse and ran to cradle whatever was left of JJ that wasn’t corroded.  Alycia, Brooke, and Shawn all ran to his side, and even Alycia’s brother and Saara stood by JJ’s corpse.  It was now Daniel crying the most with Alycia in a close second.  Brooke’s tears were gone as they had been dried out thanks to the abusive nature of her father, but everyone looked solemn.

JJ looked like a ruin.  What was left of his face looked like a burned cup that was broken on the top, blood still trickling out from a crown of his skull.  His face was almost completely corroded away, and the blood that spilled from there much more acidic than normal.  The remainder of his face that wasn’t corroded looked unusually pink, almost like a pig.  He had lost where if it had been eaten off anymore, he would have lost his other eye.  Some of the rest of his body was corroded as well, including his entire left shoulder.

Daniel: (sobbing as he tried to find the words) How… could this happen?
Shawn: I…

Daniel shot up, marched over, and grabbed the collar of Shawn’s shirt, lifting him in the air in sheer anger.

Daniel: (angry tears fell out of his eyes) If you hadn’t gone and made us leave him, we could have saved his life!  It’s your fault he’s gone!
Alycia’s brother: No.  Had you gone back for him, you would have put yourselves in danger as well and possibly result in the deaths of all three of you.
Daniel: (turning his head to face Alycia’s brother) What do you mean?
Alycia’s brother: What I mean is that this was no ordinary display of power.

Saara got up as if she had a clue what the man was talking about.

Saara: Oh my God!  You CAN’T be serious!
Alycia’s brother: (smiling faintly at Saara) You’re catching on!
Brooke: Then what are we dealing with?

This time, it was Alycia who had finally answered, still crying next to his body.

Alycia: (sobbing as she answered) This was an act resulting from black magic!

Daniel finally set Shawn down as all eyes were on Alycia.

--End Scene—

Some time after the events of the West End Music Theater, Addie, Katalia, Kitty, and Spencer all were over at Addie’s house.  Katalia was making dinner while Spencer was looking for a movie to watch.  Kitty and Addie sat over at the dining room table, but of them trying to sort themselves out.

Kitty: Addie…
Addie: (tone of voice feeling defeated) Save your breath.  You don’t know what I’m going through!
Kitty: (arms crossed and face looking slightly mad) How could you say that?  At least you HAD parents who loved you!
Addie: (aggressively) What do you know?
Kitty: (not raising her voice, but not calming down either) That’s just it, Addie!  I don’t know what’s it’s like to have parents who actually love you for who you are.  I don’t even know who my parents are or if they’re still even alive.  All I know is that I was found out on the streets by Shawn and I’ve jumped from foster home to foster home, living time in the streets in the time between!  Then he abandoned me when I finally found a foster home that was actually good for our lives!
Addie: You’ve never told us who that person who took you in was!

Addie fell silent, shock present in her face.

Kitty: (looking down at the table) They took me in five years ago when Shawn was getting close to his 18th birthday.  For a while, we were a happy family.  Shawn Mott and I were like brother and sister.  Nothing could separate us until one night, he left.  And now… (pain showed in Kitty’s face)
Addie: So that Christine at our fight.  That was your foster mother!?  Wow!  I…
Kitty: You didn’t know?  But yeah, contrary to what you think, I do know what you’re going through, and I’m right now going through the same losses you are now.
Katalia: We all suffered today.

Addie and Kitty turn their heads to see Katalia come into the dining room with a plate of seasoned chicken, pilaf rice, and corn.  Spencer followed with his dinner, sitting down in a chair.

Spencer: She’s right, you know.  We’ve all had our tough times, and it’s not going to get any easier.
Addie: Then what do you all suggest I do.

Katalia, after cutting out the first bit of her chicken and using her fork to eat the chicken with, she slowly swallowed and looked Addie dead in the eyes.

Katalia: Toughen up.

--End Scene—

Vixella swept the floor that night in silence.  She couldn’t get her mind off of what had happened at that theater.  She paused, wiping off a slight sweat that pestered her on her forehead, and sighed.  The night had been trying for everyone, she figured, and she didn’t think tomorrows were going to be much better for the immediate future.  How could it when so many people lost their friends or loved ones?  Her last few days were busy as she’s had to deal with Katalia’s collapse, rescuing college kids from themselves, and now the death of her beloved daughter.  She knew what it was like to lose someone, but for that reason, she also knew it was going to take some time to heal, and especially after losing a child.

She put the sweeper away once she was done sweeping and headed on over to her bedroom to get out a nightgown.  The bedroom felt much warmer than it was in the morning, but also felt a lot more moist.  She figured that would be the next thing she would try to clean.  But she felt filthy in the clothes she was wearing now, so a nightgown she looked for and a blue one she took out of the drawer.  She sat down on the bed once she put the nightgown on and took a deep breath.  She looked at her miniature table that stood next to her bed where Beckett’s severed hand used to be.  What was there now was just a stain.

Vixella: (sobbing for Christine) It will get better in time.

--End Scene—

Daniel sat alone in his house, grieving over the death of his friend JJ.  He was going through the five stages of death, and right now, he was going through the bargaining stage as he wished that it would have been him in JJ’s place.  He was so scared about how he was going to move on from it all.  He’s only ever lost grandparents, so to lose a close friend he considered family just did not sit well with him.  He took a sip of his beer to try to ease the pain, but all that led to was him getting more and more intoxicated as he was already on his fourth one.

He had supposed he could feel better now that he knew Alycia and Brooke were safe, but he didn’t trust Alycia’s supposed brother one bit and he didn’t really know what Brooke was up to, so the uncertainty was still there, almost as if they had still been missing and their fates still up in the air.  Daniel turned on the TV and instantly a News Bulletin broke out.

Carla: Breaking News tonight, at around 6:15 this evening, and attack happened at the West End Music Theater in Underwood.  Officials report that an unknown person wearing a red hood threatened Christine Torrance, CEO of the theater before jumping off TWO balconies onto the stage floor.  A fight was said to take place at the theater.  There have been several people were reported dead at the scene, including Christine Torrance, whose head was found decapitated from the rest of her body and her left arm was nearly cut off as well.  The causes of how some other people who died were said to be, believe it or not, impaled in three places by wooden spikes for one person and corrosion of the face and blunt force trauma for the other.  Furthermore, the corroded face was found on the second floor, separate from the mainstage.  Officials are not giving out any more names at this time and warn people to be on the lookout for anyone who might be wearing hooded clothing.

Daniel turned off the TV, having had enough of dealing with the news as it was.  He didn’t need a newswoman telling him that they were now after anyone who had fought alongside Daniel.  It was just not the time to be dealing with that sort of stuff.

A knock was heard at Daniel’s door.  He went and answered the door to find police officers parked outside his house.

Police Officer: Are you Daniel Tonge?
Daniel: Yes?
Police Officer: We’ll need you to come with us for some questioning.
Daniel: (shocked) Questioning?
Police Officer: You were reported to be at the theater when the attack took place AND you were spotted by a satellite yesterday afternoon over Highway 552.

Daniel sighed, walking out of his house to be escorted by the police officer.

--End Scene—

There was a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Close to the fireplace, Zela feasted on a bowl of grapes as she was unwinding from her attack on the theater.  She had Jarvis and Mac stay for the time being after she had heard that the attack made the news.  Luckily for them, the only name rolling out of that awful reporter Carla’s mouth was Christine’s, but she figured some people could probably identify them if they had really wanted to.

Jarvis: I suppose it would do us best to keep a low profile for now, mademoiselle?
Mac: Well what do you think?  People are going to…
Zela: Drop it Mac!  This was much more of a success than your little outing from yesterday.

Mac gave Zela a mean look, to which Zela responded with a shrug saying “That’s the truth”.  Jarvis, in the meanwhile, had set out a party platter out on the table.  Zela had ordered one right after the attack so that they could regain their energy.

Zela: Sit down butler!

Jarvis sat down on the couch next to Mac.

Zela: So how would you both say that attack went?
Mac: Pretty well, I think.  None of us died, and Christine is dead.
Jarvis: I would have to say I agree, mademoiselle.

Zela, however, shook her head in dissatisfaction.

Zela: Neither of you know the gravity of what happened at that theater, or you just choose not to care.  Either way, you’re wrong and you know it.
Mac: (perplexed) What do you mean!?
Zela: (sitting up straight) Yes, we’re alive and Christine is not, but unlike you plebes, I actually watch the news.

The news report continued to repeat on as it was big news for the town of Underwood, especially since the West End Music  Theater was the most successful place this town had.  After the news report ended, Zela turned the TV back off and turned back to look at Mac and Jarvis with a piercing look.

Zela: Because I watch the news, I have kept you both here instead of letting you return home.  Because I watch the news, I know if we get recognized, we’ll be asking the police to put us in handcuffs.  All THREE of us!  Because I watch the news, I have now learned that the entire town of Underwood is on the watch for people wearing hoods, meaning that unless you want to get ambushed, we have to stay in the shadows.  Now tell me, how do you think the attack went?

At that point, neither Mac or Jarvis could come up with an answer, which confirmed Zela’s point.

Zela: Exactly!  But that’s not the entire point.  Because I killed Christine and because you fought alongside me, we have made enemies beyond enemies.
Jarvis: But ma’am, weren’t you and Vixella already enemies?
Zela: (gives Jarvis a questioning look) What are talking about?
Jarvis: I have seen your mother…

This silenced Jarvis.

Zela: I no longer have a family, so now I am left with this mansion, my inheritance, and that’s it!  I have to find ways to work to make the money I need to, and so I work at these strip clubs and take men home and fuck them just to make ends meet, all in the meanwhile having taken close to one thousand pregnancy tests just to see whether the guy I bring into my vagina has gotten me with a child as well taking birth control like a bat out of hell.
Jarvis: I was just saying…
Zela: (interrupting) Save it Jarvis!  You are not to bring up my family in this mansion while I am here, capisch?
Jarvis: Capisch!
Zela: Good!  Now listen to what I need to explain here.  Vixella is our enemy, but let’s talk about everyone else.  That girl Addie who was appearing in the play for the first time?  She’s out for blood against us because now her father is dead.  How about that one grown weed who goes to med school?  He’s going to be an enemy.  The man in the blue hood?  He wanted me dead while WE WERE IN THE THEATER!  And what of the girl wearing yellow?  She had a sword made of ice up to my throat.  And that’s not the entire list!
Mac: So then what do you suggest we do?

Zela chuckled sinisterly to herself, then took some food from the platter.

Zela: (a menacing look emits from Zela’s face) That’s the other reason why I’ve kept you here.  We need a plan, and whatever we plan, it has to be flawless.  You’re both going to help me plan what it is we need to do.

--End Scene—

Saara took Shawn to her house for the night.  She knew that after the attack, she needed Shawn’s company more than usual, and deep down, she knew he needed her too.  Shawn shuffled a deck of cards to get his mind off of things while Saara drank a beer.

Saara: Why do you have that deck of cards again?
Shawn: (looking at his friend after another shuffle) These are my go-to when I’m all-alone.
Saara: But I’m here with you.  Isn’t that enough?
Shawn: (sighs) I don’t mean it like that.

Saara walked up to Shawn, not angry, but with a steel, serious look on her face while she had her beer in hand.  She set the beer down by the deck of playing cards.

Saara: What do you mean then?

Shawn looked back at his friend, except he looked angrier than she did.

Shawn: We’ve both lost what we valued!
Saara: Look Shawn…
Shawn: No Saara, I see just fine.  I’ve been blamed for JJ’s death when I didn’t even do anything to him, have had to deal with an angry girl who used to be my ride-or-die…
Saara: But you still have me!

Shawn paused.  Maybe she was getting through to him, but how so, she could not tell.

Shawn: Maybe, but for how much longer?  You saw JJ’s body, and you heard what that girl said about how he died!
Saara: (baffled) You can’t honestly—
Shawn: Honestly what?  Have you ever even DEALT with black magic?
Saara: Have you!?
Shawn: (a bit more modest) No
Saara: Then don’t bite my head off when we should be sticking by each other and figuring out what we’re going up against!  If we break apart now, we’ll both be lost.
Shawn: Then what do you suggest we do?

Saara picked her beer up again, took another swig, and set it back down.

Saara: We can start by going to the caves of our dragons.
Shawn: In English?

Saara brought her face inches from his, her eyes looking straight into his.

Saara: We look for forgiveness.

--End of Episode—

So this was a shorter episode, but at the same time, I wanted it to be a bit of a settle down from the midseason finale and also help set up some events that are to happen for this half of the season.  Also, I decided to post this now as opposed to Monday so that I can get a head-start on working on Episode 10.

Thoughts on the episode:
Putting yourself in each of the shoes of Daniel, Alycia, and Brooke, do you think you would have acted the same toward finding out JJ was gone?  If not, how would you have reacted differently?
Do you think Kitty, Katalia, and Spencer did a good job trying to help Addie?  What could you have done better?
What happened to Beckett’s hand?
Thoughts on the police taking Daniel away?
What will happen to Daniel?
What is Zela up to now?
What are Saara’s intentions?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:
Any comments or concerns?
Any predictions?

Next Episode: "Caves of Our Dragons"



So much to read, but I plussed anyway
Sent by Badboyy2699,Dec 24, 2016
tbh yes at ur avi
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 24, 2016
Thoughts on the episode: It was a good aftershock to see how people would react to JJ's death and show some of their personalities.
Daniel: I mean he did react badly and try to hurt Alicia's brother, but I think loosing a friend justified his anger in the moment, I just hope he gets over it.
Alycia: I think Alycia is more concerned with the dark magic, like I think she'll get over his death pretty quickly.
Brooke: I think Brooke acted kinda calm tbh, like she wasn't in this episode that much.
Do you think Kitty, Katalia, and Spencer did a good job trying to help Addie?  What could you have done better? Well, it kinda turned into all about Kitty and her life, and Natalia said to toughen up, which doesn't really help her so I don't think they did tbh.
What happened to Beckett’s hand? I'm not quite sure at the moment...
Thoughts on the police taking Daniel away? I think someone may have framed him and he might get put in jail.
What will happen to Daniel? I think he may be arrested for JJ's death HAHA LOL the irony!
What is Zela up to now? TBH I get Crimson vibes from her so I think she may be plotting plans for the better hood of the group?
What are Saara’s intentions? Learn more info on the dark magic?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters: I like Saara and Shawn. Brooke seems okay too.
Any comments or concerns? Can you explain the Vixella scene, like is there an underlying meaning to it?
Any predictions? Daniel is going to be arrested. I HOPE THERE'S A SHOCK DEATH TBH
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 25, 2016
i think i would have reacted the same since he was murdered
I think they did they especially kitty when she opened up about Christine, Vixella, and Shawn
Vixella cut it off and it ill somehow be used to bring christine back from the dead
not shocking, it kinda does look suspicious
they will try to arrest him but can't because they have no proof he was involved
she will try and kill off all the characters one by one
To find out more about there powers and how they can help the other characters fight Zela
Fav: Daniel, Alycia, Brooke, Saara, Shawn
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 25, 2016
lol still R.I.P JJ

hope no more of my faves die soon
Sent by Jjred45,Dec 25, 2016
Well Aydanmac01, Vixella did cut off Beckett's hand a few episodes back and then the very next episode, she is seen wondering what to do with it.  For now, just note that that scene holds a clue to a key plot point for this half of this season.  Also, anyone who's read these episodes know that Zela is not Crimson in the slightest  lol  If anyone, I'd say Crimson's closest candidates for counterparts are Vixella or Alycia'd brother.

Jjred45 I know  :(  Don't worry though.  His death wasn't the last we'll see off JJ.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 25, 2016
Thoughts on the episode: I'm glad we got a slow episode, especially with recent events it gives us as viewers and for the characters to mourn the losses and the impacts it has.
Putting yourself in each of the shoes of Daniel, Alycia, and Brooke, do you think you would have acted the same toward finding out JJ was gone?  If not, how would you have reacted differently?: I feel it affected Daniel the most, I don't know. For the Majority of the Series so far Daniel's scenes have been mostly with JJ so I can understand why he reacts the way he did.
Do you think Kitty, Katalia, and Spencer did a good job trying to help Addie?  What could you have done better?: Addie I can see trying to change now her Father's dead, it ties in with what I said about either Saara or Addie having Guilt over Christine & Zela's battle.
What happened to Beckett’s hand?: Vixella lost a child, shes also in possession of a hand. Due to her powers being related to Darkness I'm wondering if she has ways of conjuring Christine back from the dead. Unless I'm misinterpreting this scenario and Vixella has no idea where it is.
Thoughts on the police taking Daniel away?: I hope Daniel doesn't get put down for the entire situation. He lost a friend and especially if he gets framed for it, it'll send him down a 'Darker Road' in a sense.
What will happen to Daniel?: If he gets sentenced for it then I can see Daniel becoming a much more darker character in a sense where he tries to avenge JJ.
What is Zela up to now?: Zela's a Villain, an out of control Villain. I can see a battle forming between Vixella & Zela in the future due to Jarvis mentioning Vixella as a Rival. However saying that Zela got defensive when a topic was brought up over her family. Could Christine have been her sister and is Vixella her Mother? :o
What are Saara’s intentions?: Again, we're learning more on the Darkness and I feel Saara's intentions are to try and prevent another situation like Christine from happening.
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters: Addie/Saara are trying to reform themselves whilst Zela continues to be ruthless despite her accounts of murder.
Any predictions?: I definitely see a darker storyline for Daniel whereas I feel we're about to explore Zela's past, family and Vixella's dealing with the loss of her child.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 26, 2016

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