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  1. Who wants a gift??
  2. Hey losers
  3. Brianna Julig wins The Challenge 32
  4. Who wants a gift???
  5. Who wants a gift
  6. I miss playing group games
  7. Brittini Sherrod
  8. Carley Johnson is the best Challenge contestant of..
  9. hey poor people
  10. Chrissy Lannister wins
  11. Ok I gifted 1 person tonight I'll do another..
  12. Who wants a gift?
  13. I'm really loving the format for the Challenge 30
  14. Olenna died so Daenerys could rise
  15. Missandei did that
  16. The best game of thrones moment ever
  17. Top 10 Game of Thrones Characters
  18. Is Westworld a good show?
  19. i cant believe the avengers infinity war trailer..
  21. Who wants a gift?
  22. Avi from survivor new zealand
  23. Ruiz is the best character on OITNB
  24. Simone
  25. Simone Nguyen wins Survivor 35
  26. Leshawna wins Total Drama
  27. who wants a gift and what do you want
  28. Where can I watch bbcan 5?
  29. who wants a gift
  30. what is a good movie on netflix?
  31. No title
  32. Just saw Doctor Strange today
  33. back at it again at krispy kreme
  34. Sylvia Elsrodes wins The Challenge 29
  35. #PhyllisSchlaflyIsOverParty
  36. im just going to the store
  38. staws support
  39. im just going to the store
  40. If TotsTrashy were a song from Emotion Side B

Gabby Dougas Backwards is Gold Medal

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Who wants a gift?? Aug 20, 2018
imageI have enough T$ to gift one person!! I'm barely active anymore
Points: 67 9 comments
Hey losers May 15, 2018
imagewho wants a gift

edit: omfg you have to say what you want
Points: 54 16 comments
Brianna Julig wins The Challenge 32 Mar 19, 2018
She defeats Jenna in Anklebreaker in the final elimination
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Who wants a gift??? Mar 13, 2018
Karma: 1267
Money: 845.5 T$  Buy T$
Played: 148 times
Health: 100 %

edit: say what you want lol
Points: 32 7 comments
Who wants a gift Feb 12, 2018
imageI got T$ and I'm barely on anymore

edit: i gifted someone already!!!
Points: 63 19 comments
I miss playing group games Jan 23, 2018
The last game I played was ILM2 hosted by turney1805. I remember me and halloween made it to the end after being in the minority the whole time it was iconic. I just don't have the time anymore :(
Points: 15 3 comments