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Gabby Dougas Backwards is Gold Medal

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Who wants a gift Feb 12, 2018
imageI got T$ and I'm barely on anymore

edit: i gifted someone already!!!
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I miss playing group games Jan 23, 2018
The last game I played was ILM2 hosted by turney1805. I remember me and halloween made it to the end after being in the minority the whole time it was iconic. I just don't have the time anymore :(
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Brittini Sherrod Jan 23, 2018
From The Duel II has one of the best rookie performances ever. I wish she wasn't one and done because she would totally kick ass if she did more seasons. Her & Landon were the best part of that season.
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Carley Johnson is the best Challenge contestant of all time Jan 19, 2018
Her resume
- Undefeated in Eliminations
- 100% season win rate
- Beat Laurel, Evelyn, Cara Maria, Darrell, Paula, Theresa, Kenny, Wes

The only person that comes close to her competition wise is Brianna Julig from Bloodlines
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hey poor people Jan 2, 2018
who wants a gift
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Chrissy Lannister wins Dec 20, 2017
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