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who wants a gift

Mar 4, 2017 by HipposUnite
and what design


Me :( the pink sweater :( I'll gift u during a gift week :)
Sent by fishingguy22,Mar 4, 2017
me i want eyes
Sent by AshleyD,Mar 4, 2017
You should gift your fellow Christian the male sweater *wink wink*
Sent by Christian_,Mar 4, 2017
Sent by Bambino,Mar 4, 2017
Sweater Please Please
Sent by born2pizza,Mar 4, 2017
omfg please gift me this
Sent by VegasBoy94,Mar 4, 2017
The last Sweater from sandym's shop
Sent by YoundAndReckless,Mar 4, 2017
Gift Dreamdoll eyes.
Sent by Marktint_1,Mar 4, 2017
Thank you :)
Sent by sandym89,Mar 4, 2017

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