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Hand Banana

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plus if you just want one frookies Apr 16, 2021
without daddydev & phonee.
i cant be the only one
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I hadn't played Survivor Apr 9, 2021
in a hella long time. The moment someone threw my name out I resorted back to my old ways where I drank all the water and ate all the food. Can you still suicide when eating with the fire out?
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Homoerectus Apr 9, 2021
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I'm currently casting two games Apr 8, 2021
a 1-night Sabotuer mini and long-term iSurv1vor 36 FvF4. I think yall should apply and experience one of my games, thanks! 18+ only.

Sabotuer app:
iSurv1vor app:
Join our Disc:
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i wonder if rando Apr 6, 2021
can create two distinct frookies? one for like, silver levels and above who know how to quick enroll. and another version for lower levels who won't have to compete with veterans and have equal opportunity to experience the most 'bb' like game the website offers.

vets can still gamebot, and noobs have a chance to enjoy the website and get acclimated with something other than stupid fastings and premaded frooks.
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whoever made this graphic Apr 6, 2021
imagecome the fuck on...
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