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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thJun 5, 2023 by Happy202
0 min ago

Happy202 51 points OUT
BTCorbs 40 points

from ikaw0ng 4 min ago

from NotNicky333 4 min ago
saved :)

from colehausman271 4 min ago

from Euchre 4 min ago
saved u

from @milliv 4 min ago
Saved ofc

from Runaways 4 min ago

from Bigjon21 4 min ago


I saved u
Sent by Bigjon21,Jun 5, 2023
saved you as well dad! Gl 鈾ワ笍
Sent by ManniBoi,Jun 5, 2023
omg why are you being so robbed in frookies lately :(( happy202
Sent by Thiii,Jun 5, 2023
thiii don't look at my profile plz
Sent by Happy202,Jun 5, 2023
Saved u
Sent by milliv,Jun 5, 2023
Clearly some folks lied!! 馃檮  why they gotta lie? Like just don't!
Sent by Kiki4ever,Jun 5, 2023
I saved you
Sent by SmellyPoosay,Jun 5, 2023
I did not lie to you bud
Sent by Euchre,Jun 5, 2023
i didnt lie :( u were robbed
Sent by NotNicky333,Jun 5, 2023
Ily. I don't lie to you
Sent by milliv,Jun 5, 2023
I fr misclicked my hoh vote LMAO. I thought you were staying
Sent by yoboyy_luke,Jun 5, 2023
Miliv Runaways euchre lied I think
One of that 3. But I mostly think that's miliv
Sent by Harehere,Jun 5, 2023
No harehere I didn't lie
I just did a castings with him
Sent by milliv,Jun 5, 2023
2 people lied!!!! Not just 1 and so what if u did a castings u can still lie
Sent by Kiki4ever,Jun 5, 2023
Why this guys do that? Lol, thats patetic
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jun 5, 2023

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