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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thNov 14, 2022 by Happy202
I've earned 2,024 Karma (about 1/3 of my total Karma), in 125 games (about 1/9 of my total games). I wish new me could go back and smack old me across the side of the face.


woo hoo!! #TeamImprovement keep slaying
Sent by MargeSimpson,Nov 14, 2022
ikr LOL my kpg was horrendous when I was like 13-16 and now I’m just playing catchup
Sent by harrywasnak,Nov 14, 2022
just did the math and ive earned like 800 karma in my last 50 games so it really is tragic
Sent by harrywasnak,Nov 14, 2022
Mood lol
Sent by danyyboy67,Nov 14, 2022
King happy
Sent by Itachi_Uchiha,Nov 14, 2022
Yasss King!
Sent by Clayton,Nov 14, 2022
that’s my bestie
Sent by Otaq,Nov 14, 2022
unless ur getting karma by screwing ur friends. great work though bro :)
Sent by trickdaddy6,Nov 15, 2022

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