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Stars 496: Nommed for 6th.

May 18, 2018 by Girllover101
imageHoly fucking shit this cast is annoying. All they wanna do is hide behind their friends.
I mean for fuck sakes, remove your fucking head from your friends ass and learn to actually get to the finals for yourself. In the beginning of this game, I felt fucked from the start. I never really played against anyone in this game, and I knew that I never really had a bond with anyone either. SO I made sure I worked my ass off to talk to people and get the friendships going. I made sure I worked with Halloween's side and Brainjak's side. This whole game they were wondering who was the person that kept flipping, and that icon was me. I'd sit there and lock in the counter that was far much better each daychange. I made sure I threw sets out, but made sure I never had to do any of the dirty work. I got people who trusted me to spread it for me while I sat there drinking my sweet tea watching How to get Away with Murder.

Why I hope you save me:
I've been wanting to play stars for a long time and never found the time to get too.
I remember why I wanted redemption of my sad last place last stars. I was thirsty and wanted to do whatever it took to snatch a win. Turnerpike is a nice dude (we barely talked though) but he was one of the people that just wanted to sit there and protect the unnommed. Like seriously.. why do that? I'm here to play MY OWN game, not the other peoples game.

Save me here:

Gl Turner.



The fact you think people didn't know you were doing it is funny XD
Sent by BrainJak,May 18, 2018
Plus your blog anyway.
Sent by turnerpike20,May 18, 2018

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