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Tips on how to lose weight

7thApr 13, 2023 by Girllover101
I’m desperate


Only drink water. No sodas or juices.
Workout at least once every two days.
That’s it
Sent by Danger,Apr 13, 2023
I think walking is an underrated exercise - running is ok but not necessary if you don’t like it. Walking’s also less harsh on your joints and sustainable. Group activities like hiking / fitness classes or whatever can be fun too if you can find someone who will go consistently with you
Technically resistance workouts can slowly build muscle but you may notice your weight stay the same / increase if you do that. But muscle is more metabolically active than fat so you’d burn more calories eventually. So even a home workout consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, squats and some other stuff could be fine + just increase over time. But honestly just do whatever is sustainable: walking is totally fine and is actually smart to do

Food-wise (more important than above^) - idk I guess just try to substitute some things? Eg if you eat a plate of rice normally, change it to 70% rice + 30% veggies. Drink more water too - not tooo much but ensure you’re hydrated - 1.5-2L a day isn’t bad to start
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 13, 2023
tape worm !
Sent by ohhayy,Apr 13, 2023
ohhayy I'll have whatever intestinal parasite SHE'S having

No but seriously I've learned that by cutting soda, drinking more water, and exercising 2-3 times a week, it works great! <33
Sent by Spyder701,Apr 13, 2023
Just don’t be fat
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 13, 2023
walking, water, smaller portions, don't snack at night
Sent by milliv,Apr 13, 2023
Not temponeptune telling people not to be fat….
Sent by Clayton,Apr 13, 2023
16 hour fasting
Sent by Minie,Apr 13, 2023
+ Same I need help with losing weight it’s a constant struggle
Sent by SaskiaRae,Apr 13, 2023
loves how Kindred7 really said it all
Sent by Thiii,Apr 13, 2023
Don’t ask amandabynes
Sent by salmaan,Apr 13, 2023
Thiii thank you… you might be the only one who read what I said :(
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 13, 2023
The laziest way to do exercise is go on walks. And its more effective than it looks lmao
Sent by AronJX,Apr 13, 2023
Eek also by the way that was a joke ur a skinny legend and u don’t need to lose weight
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 13, 2023
cut all sugar
and i mean ALL sugar. no soft drinks d. no chocolate unless its 100% cocoa. and so on and so forth but LITERALLY NO SUGAR AT ALL in ANY thing u eat at all.
i lost 5kg in a week with this shit
Sent by Hunty,Apr 13, 2023
cutting carbs could also be beneficial although i dont recommend as much as cutting sugar
Sent by Hunty,Apr 13, 2023
Sent by Crayadian,Apr 13, 2023
Literally count all your calories and make sure its like less than 1000 a day or if you wanna be daring less than 500 cals a day
Sent by Allison,Apr 13, 2023
Cut off a leg
Sent by hamburgerbunzz,Apr 13, 2023

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