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Stars support

Feb 17, 2024 by Ghostfacegangsta
First of all what an amazing cast! Really like just about all of them except one who’s a nasty bitch

bamold1999 I have played stars and even though we were after each other the entire game, I have grown to like you a lot.

Maya10 I played fastings with you the other night and you are an absolute social legend, I grew to admire you in just a few short minutes.
Vlad21 you were loyal to me the other night without even knowing me, so you have earned my top respect
Harehere you have always been a good friend to me, and have always been very loyal to me. I enjoy the chats we are able to have outside of games as well. You are my legend!
Mackey someone I don’t really know on a personal level but you have played stars with my best friend big Jon and he adores you so that’s enough for me!
TaraGold00 I brought you to this site for a reason, and that’s because we were in an org together and hit it off right away. And remember being asked by the host what are you doing to get far in the game? Who are you working with. And my response was always I love Tara that’s the only person I’m working with and we made finals together and didn’t even finish because we both wanted each other to win, we may get mad with each other at times, but only we know the context to our relationship.
goomybear as someone new to the site, I have tried my best to make you feel welcomed and even though I don’t feel like I’m one of the people you would consider a close friend, I try to support you and uplift you in any way I can. I hope one day I can feel is if I don’t have to tip toe around our friendship and we can actually have more personal conversations, I truly hope you do well!

Here is my breakdown and opinion of the cast, if you were not mentioned does not mean I won’t support you, these are simply just the ones who have my full support as of now! Good luck to all, and truly hope the best game player wins


Good folks!!
Sent by sw33t,Feb 17, 2024
Just for this blog you will not receive my nudes
Sent by Phono,Feb 17, 2024
phono lmaoooo what did I do this time 😂 you are always bullying me :(
Sent by Ghostfacegangsta,Feb 17, 2024
Ghost, such a sweet ghost who haunts my lovely dreams 👻👻🤣 thank you!
Sent by Maya10,Feb 17, 2024

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