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Hi all! Apr 8, 2024
Miss you! Just got back from a vacation visiting my best friend up north! Did yall see the Eclipse? Was sick af where I was at!  Also adopted this 2 year old Chihuahua because he looks just like my other one, I didn’t know until I picked him up but he can only use 3 legs as the other one has permanent nerve damage so he hops around on 3 legs.  Very attached to the little guy I can’t even leave a room with him whining like a dinosaur
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Hi friends <3 Mar 28, 2024
How is everyone ?
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Best friend Mar 25, 2024
Just left back to Michigan, I enjoyed our time together but it was like a 14 hour visit, but gonna go up north in a few weeks and see him, and hit some dispensaries and vibe. It’s the little things in life ya’ll!
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Justice needs to be Mar 21, 2024
Served against Dan schneider that man needs to go down, for all of those sick and twisted things he did to those Nickelodeon children. I haven’t even been able to watch the documentary
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Finally got feedback Mar 21, 2024
On my yearly performance from my company and my leadership abilities I processed through the year!  I was rated the top % I could get, and what they wrote about me was so nice an matched me and the way I lead my team to a tea! I have renewed my contract with the distribution center for one more year as I have only been in my role as outbound operations since December where I transferred from a continuous improvement
Role! Super grateful  to my company and how amazing they have been towards me!

Shoutout to mikec51 for telling me I was gonna crush it and sending me good vibes!
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Did the frooks rival Mar 19, 2024
And I really just make final 4 together congrats Terp05
sorry I nominate you on my HOH but I saved you lmao. Love the rivalry we have, maybe on of these times we will shook the nation and make f2 together :)
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