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If you don't wanna be called a RAPIST

3rdDec 2, 2020 by FelipeS
Or any names of the kind, then don't run your ''mouth'' around here and threat to FACE FUCK people over a stupid blog game, and also stop fishing for attention in any kind of SEXUAL way in this site. That's vile, disgusting, declassé and wrong, it just shows the thirst.

You need to know better and stop playing victm because you're just weird, tengaged is already full of freaks and we don't need another one. This ain't the kind of environment to do what you're used to, which is being a whore, so just quit trying.

And if you feel uncomfortable when people call you names, know that people will also feel some kind of way when  you say the nasty stuff you usually do  ilysuiteheart. Just quit the act.

-Randomly telling the innocent prude Minie to eat his dick for dinner and making her lose her appetite
- Threatening to face fuck me


Sent by alexclow345,Dec 2, 2020
Sent by doobee,Dec 2, 2020
oh thank god somebody said it
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 2, 2020
rly did lose my appetite :(
Sent by Minie,Dec 2, 2020
Everyone knows I have a filthy mouth and my personality, if you took that seriously you’re a retard. You randomly attacked me over a music taste game but play the victim you cringe waste of space.
Sent by ilysuiteheart,Dec 2, 2020
Does people who jokingly say the word faggot make them a homophobe? You’re a retard and I feel sorry for you.
Sent by ilysuiteheart,Dec 2, 2020
It’s only 9:30 am but I’m fairly certain this will be the worst blog I read today
Sent by Brandonator,Dec 2, 2020
Look at the ableism above me.
Sent by Marktint_1,Dec 2, 2020
Hello Leepay.
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Dec 2, 2020
he's really weird
Sent by Zuelke,Dec 2, 2020
He seems strange and this is TG 😳
Sent by keefe,Dec 2, 2020
I dont think I'd go as far as calling him a rapist...but something certainly ain't right
Sent by Moxii,Dec 2, 2020
comentando em pt mesmo.. não acho que seja necessário usar o termo estuprador mas ele é realmente MUITO descenessário, constrangedor e invasivo com essas piadas

se é algo da personalidade dele que ele seja assim com os amigos e não com qualquer pessoa aleatória em um site da internet
Sent by Lukesaur,Dec 2, 2020
regardless of the argument in the blog, using the r-word to insult someone two separate times aint a good look...
Sent by peterya,Dec 2, 2020
‘Innocent prude’ lmfao
Sent by Irelia,Dec 3, 2020

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