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Felipe with an S' blog

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Pray for Jen Shah 🙏 Jul 11, 2022
Points: 23 1 comments
Gift me Knee Knee pls Jul 6, 2022
Points: 42 4 comments
Hello F-words 🥰 Jun 13, 2022
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Kinda bored Jun 10, 2022
(Just like most of you guys are with life to the point y'all spend days here just doing nothing productive) So I figured I'd come here and blog  (because I'm kinda bored) but idk how (to blog) without offending some (not like I care). I feel like being good lately (like I'm  god's little sheep), so I can collect the good seeds I'm planting now later in my life. But honestly, fuck THAT and fuck all of YOU. Goodbye.
Points: 76 4 comments
Okay but Jun 10, 2022
Themi is kinda serving 2000's disney. I like to see it.
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Bel'Veth is so hot 🥵️ May 26, 2022
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