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Speaking My Truth

Apr 1, 2023 by Faith12
I have some words to these following accounts :

pavaneli been making loads of blogs about me just because I didn't follow the 20 post rule, but then decided to part publicly. Then his friends backed him and liked his comment?
shows what utter hypocrites him and his friends are.

workbitch you call me a "skank", even though you have no idea who I am and where I come from. Therefore, to call me a "skank" (someone who is sexually promiscuous) when I have done not been chatting in a sexual way to anyone, or revealed who I am to anyone shows your lack of English vocabulary.


You’re muff cabbage
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Apr 1, 2023
I am sorry they treated you this way. I hope you have a better experience, thus far I have.
Sent by Ghostfacegangsta,Apr 1, 2023
matthewalvarez seriously is that even an insult? cause if it is its not a very good one.
Sent by Faith12,Apr 1, 2023
ghostfacegangsta thank u for ur support.
Sent by Faith12,Apr 1, 2023
So ur admitting to being a multi?
Sent by Kiki4ever,Apr 1, 2023
kiki4ever I have literally just proven I am not a multi by voting a blog validly. seriously why r u guys giving me all this beef.
Sent by Faith12,Apr 1, 2023
"or revealed who I am to anyone"

Kinda sounds like someone admitting that people know them from some other account they had..... just my observation
Sent by Kiki4ever,Apr 1, 2023
kiki4ever no I am meaning that I haven't linked my social media or anything like that to reveal who I am.
Sent by Faith12,Apr 1, 2023

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