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Does He Ever Give Up? May 21, 2023
This Pavaneli character is legit obsessed with me. I mean soon I'm gonna have to file a harassment order for him.

He is seriously still blogging about an incident that happened almost two months ago. I mean it's time to get a life not being so obsessed with Faith12.

I've moved on, maybe you should do the same.
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This Blog Is Annoying Me Apr 11, 2023

salmaan I think this blog is quite distasteful, like even if people are claiming to be autistic, unless they are saying it to mock autism I think you show understanding to that person rather than saying everyone is claiming to have it. I think the blog you put out is giving a green light to those people who want to ridicule autism.
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Speaking My Truth Apr 1, 2023
I have some words to these following accounts :

pavaneli been making loads of blogs about me just because I didn't follow the 20 post rule, but then decided to part publicly. Then his friends backed him and liked his comment?
shows what utter hypocrites him and his friends are.

workbitch you call me a "skank", even though you have no idea who I am and where I come from. Therefore, to call me a "skank" (someone who is sexually promiscuous) when I have done not been chatting in a sexual way to anyone, or revealed who I am to anyone shows your lack of English vocabulary.
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20 POST GAME Mar 30, 2023
Don't make me laughhhhhh

I have people ridiculing me about not sticking to the "20 post" principle but guess what?


So get my name out your mouth cause you are chasing the clout of me cause I'm trending and let me be me without being judged or ridculed.
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