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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

does anyone remember

Dec 5, 2023 by Crissy15
how they found this website originally?

i’m sitting here racking my mind trying to think of a single memory as to what propelled me into clicking into a website called tengaged and actually signing up for an account.

just me?


Someone randomly told me about it through Habbo back in 2014 I believe it was @Cornelia
Sent by Jasmina,Dec 5, 2023
I just searched up survivor games online and it came up although I still remember the link before tengaged was a flash game called survivor where u were a man in a burning building and u had to save ur family before ur house burned down and u know what ? I lost that flash game everytime I played it
Sent by peace123,Dec 5, 2023
I had searched big brother games and reality tv games and it was one of the first few things to pop up and seemed promising to my tween self... IF ONLY I KNEW WHAT I WAS GETTING MYSELF INTO
Sent by top20fan33,Dec 5, 2023

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