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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stAug 9, 2022 by Crissy15


Awe im so sorry this sucks :(
Sent by ManniBoi,Aug 9, 2022
Losing a pet is the most heartbreaking ever. I'm so sorry hun ❤
Sent by systrix,Aug 9, 2022
She felt very happy when I accepted her proposal, Dani has a very beautiful heart.
Sent by TheLightIsComing,Aug 9, 2022
This is so sweet omg
Sent by FromAWindow,Aug 9, 2022
Stop it right fucking now, Crissy I did it bc I love you and no one should ever go through a pet loss. Im so sorry babes, you deserve every ounce of support during this rough time <3
Sent by BigBrotherSuperToMe,Aug 9, 2022
love u babes
Sent by Eilish,Aug 9, 2022
I'm sorry it sucks losing a pet :(
Sent by Cromatique,Aug 9, 2022
Im sorry for your loss :(
Sent by Minie,Aug 9, 2022
i'm so sorry for your loss hun! i love you ❤️😘
Sent by MrMinaj,Aug 9, 2022
I'm definitely crying.. I'm so sorry:(
Sent by brunodrads,Aug 9, 2022
This made me cry. Hang in there and what a wonderful design <3
Sent by wayne_train,Aug 9, 2022
</3333333 love you gal i'm so sorry to hear this. its always a hard decision but you made the right one since she was in sm pain.
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 9, 2022
Losing a pet is the worst feeling especially fur babies. I’m so sorry for your loss and it will be rough for awhile but just try to think of the good times with her <3
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 9, 2022
Omg, sorry :(
Hugs <3
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Aug 9, 2022
Sent by danyyboy67,Aug 9, 2022
sorry for your loss :(
Sent by Tester,Aug 9, 2022
I am here for you. I've been here before and its awful. Tears literally in my eyes reading this
Sent by Allison,Aug 9, 2022
Sent by chibideidara,Aug 9, 2022
I’m sorry for your loss </3
Sent by Lynn12,Aug 9, 2022
I am so sorry for your loss. the design is amazing <3
Sent by franzella,Aug 9, 2022
So incredibly sorry 😣 Its impossible for anyone to imagine what you all went through, and yet its the impending reality all pet owners will have to face 😭💔 No idea how people or i will survive it, hugs to you 🐻
Sent by BenjaminB,Aug 9, 2022
I love you girl <3 So sorry to hear that.
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Aug 9, 2022
I'm so sorry for your loss, losing a pet is really hard. The design is amazing though, that's so sweet. Your dog's adorable.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Aug 9, 2022
Aw so sorry for your loss, the pain is real! You’re not alone !
Sent by Yunggunzkeep18,Aug 9, 2022
im so sorry for your loss, she looks like such a sweetheart!
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Aug 9, 2022
sending love
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 9, 2022
This made me cry, so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful girl she was and had a great life because of you
Sent by BrittBritt,Aug 9, 2022
I'm so sorry <333
Sent by skyler1822,Aug 9, 2022
Sent by Times_Places,Aug 9, 2022
I had to do the same thing with dog Julie, she developed Cancer and was constantly in pain. I know how hard that decision is but you did what was for best for her.
Sent by SlutishaOMann,Aug 9, 2022
she's so beautiful and is no longer suffering, sorry for your loss sending u so much love :( <3
Sent by anthousai,Aug 9, 2022
I am so sorry for your loss 🥺❤️
Sent by mddarwisyyy,Aug 9, 2022
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Aug 10, 2022
Hugs bestie
Sent by David2560,Aug 10, 2022
so sorry for your loss crissy <3 :(
Sent by Steefano,Aug 10, 2022

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