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waits for my third place Dec 17, 2023
i’m just satisfied i made it tbh. i got the crown in my own mind and that’s all that matters!
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24.2% <3 Dec 16, 2023
Honestly I cannot believe i made it all this way after being inactive on this site for so long but needless to say I am grateful for all the support i have received throughout this process. I came back to tengaged with one goal in mind, redeem myself from my previous stars flops, and i did just that. This game gave me a serious run for my money. To say i’m sleep deprived would be a complete understatement. I was constantly in a set and i know that everyone says this but genuinely i feel like my name was brought up atleast one every fucking day change and i had to work my ass off to make sure i had the votes to stay safe. Even with the two times i was nominated i was fighting tooth and nail to get the sets to change but at that point people had realized how good of a spot i was in the game so their minds weren’t changing. Although this game was full of backstabbing and lies I tried to stay as true to my word as possible and when i did have to lie i would always own up to it after the vote was said and done. I know that both Geo and Bengie have a lot of support behind them and they also played this game very deservingly, but i hope yall can see how hard i had to work for this and grant me your vote to win. regardless of the outcome i am satisfied with my ability to be able to maneuver my way to finals with such a big target on my back all game.

click my button here i would appreciate it so much <3

Quick shoutout to some people who have supported me and have been with me throughout this crazy ass tengaged journey. Love you all.

and anyone else that may have supported me
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51.4% <3 Dec 14, 2023
imageWell tengaged I stand before you once again asking, no pleading for your continued support in this game that has been causing me nothing but new wrinkles. This nomination is more annoying than it is anything else because I can’t believe that they are that so intimidated by little ole crissy that I am up again before some have even graced the block once. Crazy IK! Regardless of others gameplay, I have played this game with my blood sweat and tears. Doing everything in my power to avoid the block when it seems inevitable that these players want my ass OUT. The female purge in this game has begun, don’t let them continue to knock us out one by one and make sure yall send me back in that house to knock those boys back down a few pegs!

I’m still hungry for my first stars win so if tengaged seems me worthy to continue fighting i will not let yall down!

click happy’s button here! best of luck happy202
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51% <3 Dec 12, 2023
well ladies and gentleman, they’ve finally done it. I believe the cast is owed at least a few claps after finally getting me nominated for 11th when i have been one of the primary names for every dc leading up to where we are today. I fought like hell to get votes to change but can you blame them? I’d be nervous around me too. Now the ladies in this house are few, but mighty and tengaged we need your support to make sure that we bring some femininity back into stars royalty. Tone has been such a blessing in this game and i hate that i’m up against him truly because he too has played a great game. However I’m counting on the girls, the gays, and the ally’s, to make sure that mama criss stays to make everyone’s life in the stars house a little worse!

edit: if you saw it say 9th for a little bit, no you didn’t.
Save me here ^^ xoxo
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does anyone remember Dec 5, 2023
how they found this website originally?

i’m sitting here racking my mind trying to think of a single memory as to what propelled me into clicking into a website called tengaged and actually signing up for an account.

just me?
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bbcan watchers Nov 27, 2023
what is the best season to watch if i were to only pick one?
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