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Family Feud Casting Call Dec 3, 2016
imageHey everybody! So my girlfriend and I host a Family Feud Skype Game where twice a week we host Family Feud.

Basically in order to play you build a team of 4 or 5 (one person must be willing to go on camera). After that, you create a skype group with your team and I. Then you create a team name. Once all of that is done, we'll add you to the waiting list and as it comes closer to your turn we'll schedule your match. They are usually held on Tuesdays or Saturdays. If you're interested in playing our Family Feud, message me privately on skype: ColeConroy and start building your team.

Thank you and hopefully we hope to hear back from some of you!

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Do you thinks it's fair to allow a player on a secret redemption island to hand off an idol that THEY WERE VOTED OFF WITH to pass it off to a different player on RI and that different player returns at Final 5 and uses the idol?

Because in my eyes that's complete bull shit

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Cole POV Jul 17, 2016
Post people post lol
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Survivor Outlast: Antigua Casting Now Open!!! Jul 11, 2016
imageTo those that may be interested, and new Survivor Group Game has surfaced! Survivor Outlast is a series that tests your social and strategic abilities in the group game world! Think you have what it takes to Outlast the competition! Then I encourage you and anybody you know to apply now and take on the test of Survivor Outlast: Antigua!!! Casting is NOW OPEN!!!

Season one takes us to Antigua! Two tribes, 18 castaways.... Do You Have What It Takes To Outlast All The Rest?

Group Page:
Apply Here:

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Immunity Challenge (BigBen) Mar 24, 2015
Hello Guys! Please post the following for me!

*gives puzzle bag to cole91*
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HOH SKYPE HELP Feb 21, 2015
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