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LTC Survivor Season 2: Bocas Del Toro APPS OPEN!

Mar 12, 2021 by Chastain
imageProjected to start beginning of April!

Application (mail to Chastain or send it over on skype to shadi.chastain):

Name (what would you like to be called) + Last Initial:

Tengaged Username:

Skype ID:



Color level:


Number of tg survivor seasons played (roughly):

Number of seasons you won and list them (if many, just list your favorite 3):
If you haven't won before, what is your highest placement?

Are you willing to do skype audio (no-video) pre-season and exit interviews to be posted for our VL and others keeping up with the season?

The season will be a mix of live (mostly at 6pm EST) and non-live challenges, select which times you can attend live challenges: 5pm EST [ ] / 6pm EST [ ] / 7pm EST [ ] / 8pm EST [ ] / 9pm EST [ ]

Will you be able to send at least 1 confessional per day? (It could be written, audio, or even video, whichever is the most convenient for you, as long as you keep us in the loop every day):

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