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Podcast Announcement: Launching LTC Survivor!

Feb 13, 2021 by Chastain

The cat’s out of the bag! joey96 spark_ and myself have been preparing for our new Survivor series whose first season will launch in approximately 2 weeks.

The first season’s location, as well as what each host will be responsible for, and what you can expect are areas that we addressed in the announcement podcast posted above! [P.S. I had an entire fan aimed at me while talking and hence why there’s a slight noise coming from my end, will make sure that it’s turned off in the next episodes ha]

And most importantly, we are now accepting applications. Please fill in the below template and forward it to me and we will get back to you on the date of the cast reveal, which we will also record on the podcast! + the date of the start of the season.

In the meantime, even if you don’t plan on applying for the first season, make sure you join our viewer’s lounge where we will be posting the cast preseason interviews, cast assessments, and discussing the season with you guys! Press on this: and you will be directed to joining the VL chat!

Application (mail to me or send it over on skype to shadi.chastain):

Name (what would you like to be called) + Last Initial:
Tengaged Username:
Color level:
Number of tg survivor seasons played (roughly): 
Number of seasons you won and list them (if many, just list your favorite 3):
If you haven't won before, what is your highest placement?
Are you willing to do skype audio (no-video) pre-season and exit interviews to be posted for our VL and others keeping up with the season?
The season will be a mix of live (mostly at 6pm EST) and non-live challenges, select which times you can attend live challenges: 5pm EST [ ] / 6pm EST [ ] / 7pm EST [ ] / 8pm EST [ ] / 9pm EST [ ]
Will you be able to send at least 1 confessional per day? (It could be written, audio, or even video, whichever is the most convenient for you, as long as you keep us in the loop every day):
Any statement or act that can be considered racist, homophobic, bigoted, pedophilic or predatory will result in immediate disqualification, do you consent to not engaging in any of the above:

For our series, we are looking to incorporate as many fun elements into this as possible, including preseason and exit interviews with the cast, using our podcast to reveal the cast, recording initial, merge, and finale assessments as well, and having an up to date wiki with post season edgic charts and records, as well fun twists and themes to make our seasons a unique group gaming experience for all.

We hope to see you all apply and to build a successful first gen. of Le Tre Corone’s Survivor!


I just plus it!
Sent by Pampered81,Feb 13, 2021

Congratulations you just found 2 SEA COIN.

To claim it, you must send the link of this blog to BOTH Tokio and Chandler.
Sent by tokio,May 3, 2021

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