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What do we call...

2ndJan 5, 2021 by Chastain
a group game host who creates a concept for a season that is discriminatory in nature then rolls out twists that exploit that concept even more, which sees almost every non-North American player wiped out pre-merge and early merge, and then makes a ton of questionable hosting decisions - changing / replacing challenges and bending rules for the majority, after which he protects certain people's "feelings" and tries to stop the jury from really expressing itself at ponderosa (then disinvites an entire 3 or 4 person alliance to the VL and cancels the reunion lmao) .....and then, 4 months later after it all happened, calls you out on his flop Hall of Fame ceremony because you called him the worst host ever during the course of the season?

We call him Obsessed.


Sent by joey65409,Jan 5, 2021
joey65409 [J]ust some whiny little [B]itch
Sent by Chastain,Jan 5, 2021
I mean I haven鈥檛 played his game in literally 5 years but that never really seemed like a thing and I made final 3 so I have to disagree.
Sent by noah_kondon,Jan 5, 2021
noah_kondon a lot of things can change in 5 years, and placement doesn't really have anything to do with it. I made it to finale night and went in 6th place, doesn't change that the whole thing was a race war hosted in the most unprofessional and un-objective way possible. And I had let the whole thing go until he decided to take a shot tonight public, making it seem like the only reason I called him the worst host is due to that F6 immunity challenge when it was not even in the top 3 reasons.
Sent by Chastain,Jan 5, 2021
Sent by Russell11,Jan 5, 2021
I have no clue what we call him Chastain because there is no tag and I have no clue who you are talking about
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2021
koolness234 lmao, it's _JB_
Sent by Chastain,Jan 6, 2021
Chastain you are a king. He does kind of suck <3
Sent by NewNightmare7,Jan 6, 2021
NewNightmare7 this is a badge of honor <3
Sent by Chastain,Jan 6, 2021
Oh I thought this was about Joey鈥檚 hosting

Sent by noah_kondon,Jan 6, 2021
noah_kondon no lmao, I never played in Joey's.
Sent by Chastain,Jan 6, 2021
I played one of his and was scarred for life when I was PUBLICLY HUMILIATED by playing a fake idol. Like...I didn't even know that was a thing 馃檭 I was a newb to group games! Decided I don't care for them.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jan 6, 2021
cheritaisdelicious honestly, like, I am a group game player first and foremost here, and I've been playing them since 2011 or 2012, and I can't recall worse hosts than JB. Sure, I have come across one or two inactive ones who abandoned their seasons, but I have had no grave issues with how a season runs except in Shitthroat Survivor, especially given the problematic set up which promoted racial discrimination (and all the twists he implemented which further exploited that) AND him cowering to every demand some of the North Americans made to change challenge rules, extend deadlines for votes, change vote timings, etc... And all the shit he pulled in ponderosa and canceling the reunion etc. So yeah, you were unlucky to start your Group Group history there, but there are many more capable, decisive, professional, and fair hosts out there that you can try out before abandoning group games altogether!
Sent by Chastain,Jan 7, 2021

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