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Cannons Confessions

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Nominated for 13th May 20, 2024
My Stars Debut is not going as well as I would hope. I am being targeted because I am hot, and they are not. Save me and I will take this game by storm. Good luck buddy!

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And I hope it's shitty in the black dog May 18, 2024
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Ranking The Into The Woods Charecters May 18, 2024
16- Big Bad Wolf - He's a pedophile who tried to eat a child.
15- Cinderella's Prince - He cheated on cinderella with the Baker's Wife (without the Baker's Wife's Consent may I add) and had a weird foot fetish.
14- The Baker - He literally never says his wife's name and she does all the work like he is HER HUSBAND, not the other way around. Also, fuck James Corden he ruined the role.
13- Steward - I forgot that he was there.
12- Jack - I don't like British Little Boys they annoy me.
11- Cinderella - She is poor and she is such a gaslighter and runner. Taylor swift wrote "The Bolter" based off of her.
10- Rapunzel's Prince - He was the better prince and literally went blind for his woman. He is a bit of a simp though.
9- Rapunzel - Her life is sad but she coulda jumped and lived most likely. Kinda dumb.
8- Baker's Wife - I love her and sad she died BUT she is married to a lame-ass man and deserves better.
7/6- Lucinda & Florinda - Two Bad Bitches and Will go too far for a man with a foot fetish. But I respect the grind fr.
5- Jack's MOTHER - No because I would lose it if I had a British Son, especially one who sold a cow for a few beans like that isn't a good trade. She wants to make some money and he RUINED IT ALL.
4- Little Red Riding Hood - She fucking ate everyone up, especially the Baker and she may be a cleptomaniac but an icon who was a victim. She literally got eaten and came out alive.
3- StepMOTHER - Definition of Cunty. She said that cinderella couldn't go to the ball cuz she was ugly and was honestly such a bad bitch. Love her.
2- The Witch - She literally cursed people and for good reason. She caused chaos because she is an icon and I love her. She is a good blue hair, even Morant loves her.
1- Milky White - The best fucking cow ever. No questions asked.
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Stars Debut May 18, 2024
My stars debut is coming earlier than I expected. I would love support in this journey and I hope I can make that one T$ I paid for a raffle count.

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TMI May 17, 2024
I'm gassy
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um hello? May 17, 2024
I won the stars raffle huh?
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