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Cannons Confessions

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Hold on Jan 1, 2024
to the memories they will hold on to you
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Watching "the boys" Dec 31, 2023
and being mad at Hughie for killing rue when jack quaid is simply just not playing the same character.
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penis Dec 31, 2023
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Not gonna lie Dec 31, 2023
when we have more respect for dead people than pedophile victims we wonder where our priorities are.

if u wanna roast me here are some dead people:
my grandma
my grandpa
my uncle
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Good Night Dec 31, 2023
ill sleep better than grandma
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Ill just say this Dec 31, 2023
If I am dead you can do whatever on my name. You can even fuck me if u feel like it u sick fucks. You can bash my head or you can stick a pole up my ass.
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