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Feb 24, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
for a short opinion :)
Monomial - you are so iconic, you SLAY hunger and are nice & funny <3
2388 - I really like you and I think we met because of Zay, and you are nice to me and have great design taste lol
Lazeric - YESS. I love teaming up with you in frookies because I think we go after eachother a lot but we sometimes unite in those games. You are very loyal so we work well together
Maxi1234 - I don't know if I like you or not lmao. I think the last time we were in a game together you got me out even though we were working together, but I'm not sure, pm me if im wrong
titoburitto - you are iconic with a great username and I remember when you were orange level or light green lol, and we used to not like eachother or something like that but idk now.
levonini - okay i like you a lot! you supported me in stars and you are super funny whenever we do talk (eliot's game), and we need to talk more for sure
NicoleF - YESSS Eddie. We both were in the same stars game, and honestly if joe wasnt the leader in that alliance I probably would not have nominated you for 15th, and I like you a lot.
Question - KING SETH. You are such a wonderful ally in games and loyal, very calm and you don't mind when I ask you if something is fine (like nomming u for 4th lol), I really like you
tarag - I really like you, whenever we play games together, you are always so loyal and very nice to me, and never shady. You are super honest and I like that, great person.
calebdaboss - i like you and i dont understand the hate for you, but to me you are really nice.
arris - I like you and I think you were on that one server of a game with me before (it was like where you switch playing the songs and people rate the songs,, i forget the name), and I normally agree with your blogs.
kaylabby - I don't agree with you on MANY things but I do like you. You were one of my first friends but we then got upset with eachother after like 2 hours lol.
bengalboy - Icon. You will at one point win like 5 stars in a row and it will be very iconic, you are popular and funny also. I love when you comment on my blogs because it's a source of entertainment for me lol.
J2999 - YESS James. You are a great hunger ally and we team up a lot in frookies also. You are so loyal in every game we play and I think that we are slowly becoming better friends and I am enjoying that.


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Seth :)
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