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Karim <333

1stFeb 2, 2013 by AceSurvivor
imageStars 220 Final 3 Blog/Vlog

Sorry about my Hoodie again, It's my favourite one :P

This game was one for the ages! I started this journey as one of the BIGGEST fans of Stars! I Respect the game play, all the moves are great to watch and the social dynamics are amazing.

Time for the long explanation as to why I deserve to win this game! I joined the game and was put into this majority chat of 10 people and our objective was to get NICK/KENTUCKYY nommed 16th however a lot of people were weary of BRADY/POKE so they decided to put them up. I was very scared of a spilt so I talked to a close ally of mine (Lotus) and we decided to do Poke/Brady for 16th

For 15th I knew we had to go back to the first side I was added to because they were less together and there were more cracks to fit into their armor. So I talked to the people in both chats (Lotus/Jaylen) and we decided to go back to the original plan and do NICK/KENTUCKYY for 15th and it went through.

14th This was the slaughter of the other side at this point. ERIC/XAIVER for 14th were good noms because in case it would spilt we wouldn’t of been in the worst spot.

13th This again was another slaughter of the other side. My close friends who had played with Etaco told me before he would do anything to be safe for one round and I was very prepared for this.  So with that I wanted Etaco out and did ETACO/TAYMAN

12th This was a weird round because I didn’t want anyone to become flavorized so my side really wanted Doodles up however it was very difficult picking someone to go up next to him. No one in my alliance wanted to go up and they felt it was safer if I had gone up compared to anyone else. Noms that round went as planned by the chat DOODLES/ACE

11th Time to get rid of another person from the other chat, however I didn’t want to flavor anyone once again so our chat spilt TYPHOSION/ERIC up and those were the noms.

10th Once again I was feeling pretty safe within my majority and we did NICK/TAYMAN.

9th – This was the day to make a move, so I decided to talk to Nick and Typholsion to make sure I could get by two biggest threats out (Mearl/Brady)  and the best part was that Jaylen/Lotus already wanted Brady out so I nommed BRADY/TYPHOLSION this round so Brady would go home.

8th – This was the time to make the move and go after JHARRIN/JASON and I knew I had the votes this round for it to go through!

7th – After getting Jharrin/Jason nommed my biggest threat was Mearl and I knew it was his time to go. I got my secret alliance from earlier to do MEARL/LOTUS and blind side them both in hopes to get Mearl one of the best Game players in history out.

6th – I wanted to Renom the Survivor against Jharrin however Nick forgot to come on for Day change to spam to avoid the block and he ended up going against Typholsion in a spilt. Two of my closet alleys went up.

5th – I knew I was in danger so the most I could of did was do a 3v3 vote and tried to get Jaylen/Lotus to nom jharrin so that if it spilt correctly I’d go up against him and not the Survivor of 6th.

4th – It was pretty much bang out JAYLEN/LOTUS like I was planning to the entire game and make sure no one would go unnommed.

After a week-long power struggle, plenty of game moves and many social calls here I sit in the Final 3!  As appointed the most strategic player by the cast I played under the radar despite the threat I’ve had on my back since day 1. I made moves at the precise times to make sure I wouldn’t go up against Nick/Typholsion while controlling the noms I felt like doing.  I was fan before I joined but now I can say I’m finally a Player. GL Nick and lotus and May the best man win!

Please vote for me Tengaged for everything I’ve accomplished this week! GL Once again Nick & Lotus


Thank you Everyone that has Supported me!!!!


omg pls don't kill anyone in this vlog
Sent by Imthtawesom,Feb 2, 2013
gl =]
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Feb 2, 2013
Sent by Steel,Feb 2, 2013
++++++++++++++++ HOPE YOU WIN
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Feb 2, 2013
fuck off
Sent by Bradyman7,Feb 2, 2013
Sent by GentlemanG,Feb 2, 2013
Who the fuck is that in your sign?
Sent by rt72,Feb 2, 2013
Sent by ThrowItOnMe36,Feb 2, 2013
Good luck :)
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 2, 2013
As I wasn't trended
Sent by Jarst,Feb 2, 2013
Good luck :D < 33333333333333333333
Sent by william3,Feb 2, 2013
lol @jaylen got 4th...
Sent by brosky17,Feb 2, 2013
you can touch my body whenever you want jsyk
Sent by Idgaf,Feb 2, 2013
Awesome vlog and speech :P Good luck!
Sent by aimers,Feb 2, 2013
[@10:31] :D i... am... FAMOUS.
Sent by donosaurus_rex,Feb 2, 2013
wow ya mentioned me in the vlog yet ya didnt trend me... how was i supposed to know. So glad i listened to it all now. I voted for ya to win

GL < 3
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Feb 2, 2013
Love you keith best of luck you love this game and it shows your dedication and hard work towards it and youve always been looking forward to it you def got my vote buddy grats on finals you deserve it :) and thanks for the mention as well
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Feb 2, 2013
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 2, 2013
You keep wearing the same hoodie, jeez!
Sent by RJ18,Feb 2, 2013
:) Well done!
Sent by MikeRORO,Feb 3, 2013
Liked the vlog. I voted for you to win. You played a great game. I know we never met but congrats man :)
Sent by seittertps1120,Feb 3, 2013
Gl < 333
Sent by ea31,Feb 3, 2013
Watched! +12
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 3, 2013
Sent by GiGi10,Feb 3, 2013
marry me
Sent by obscurity,Feb 3, 2013
you seem kool as bro! talk to me sometime!!!!!!
Sent by Roshy,Feb 3, 2013
Well you definitely care a lot so you got my vote. :) Gl
Sent by Foxox,Feb 3, 2013
Sent by Vitamin,Feb 3, 2013
Sent by DrPepsi,Feb 3, 2013
wanna fuck
    Sent by Yaxha,Feb 1, 2013
Sent by Yaxha,Feb 3, 2013
Im so happy that you made finals!! grats on it u really deserve it. =]
Sent by tycoon1234,Feb 3, 2013
Why can't you be my husband
Sent by dabomb127,Feb 3, 2013
Can we date pls uhhhhh
Sent by RiDsTeR,Feb 3, 2013

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