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Anybody a huge Hockey (NHL) fan?

Sep 14, 2014 by AceSurvivor
I'm doing a competitive fantasy league @ 10pm Eastern tonight. The winner will receive a prize which will be mailed to them. It's on yahoo btw.


i am but im watching the ducks futures game at that time so i wouldnt be around to draft
Sent by Ghoul,Sep 14, 2014
me acesurvivor
Sent by drb00m,Sep 14, 2014
hey you're back
Sent by Typhlosion37,Sep 14, 2014
tbh I'm probably the biggest hockey fan on this site
Sent by forevermissprice,Sep 14, 2014
Lets go Sabres.
Sent by BigBrother06,Sep 14, 2014
Maple Leafs
Sent by Hassan_415,Sep 14, 2014
Sent by pens87,Sep 14, 2014

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