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I'm done with cyberbullying

Feb 20, 2023 by Ace99
Before you write something or say something, think about the implications of what you are going to say or do. Your words are very powerful and strong. And remember that someone is going to read it. Imagine if those same words were said to you. Over and over again. And that's all you see.

People are always going to act horrible on the Internet. But dammit think about the impacts their actions have on others. Even if you never meet that person irl. It is so disgusting to see cyberbullying on this site. It doesn't matter who you are, it shouldn't happen.


Tengaged yesterday: "cyber bullying isnt real, maybe you should log out if you cant take it, tengaged is one of the last places where you can speak your mind"

Tengaged today: "protect people and end cyber bullying"

Just say you're selective about who you wanna protect, when you wanna speak up, & move. Because yall DONT keep the same energy
Sent by BenjaminB,Feb 20, 2023
BenjaminB if u knew me, you'd know i never bully or talk crap or try to make anyone feel uncomfortable on here. not saying im the best person on this site, but i know this site and its users can be better than the actions it has been portraying for years
Sent by Ace99,Feb 20, 2023
This is sweet, Love ya Noah :)
Sent by FromAWindow,Feb 20, 2023
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 20, 2023

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