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0Q: How are you so buff?

asked by Jameslu

picking up heavy objects and putting them back down repeatedly

0Q: thats the point... it was an effect. im mad at you so ur gonna have to make it up 2 me

asked by HaliFord

alright lil buddy how can i do that

0Q: thats the point... it was an effect. im mad at you so ur gonna have to make it up 2 me

asked by HaliFord

yeah, a motion sickness effect!

0Q: you said the video i spent 9 hours on gave you motion sickness, youre a dick

asked by HaliFord

it wouldn't stop shaking

0Q: Who actually uses Ask Me? lol

asked by dandoe

i know i do ;) hehe

0Q: why are you a dick

asked by HaliFord

i would love to know in WHAT WAY i am a DICK

41Q: When do you think you'll meet your BengalGirl?

asked by paul028

whenever they present themselves 馃槒

41Q: Its really fun at work to drop the 'This is homophobia' bomb and watch management shit themselves.

asked by Slizer

LOL good strat

30Q: At this point we are just spamming Ask me for you lol

asked by BrainJak


41Q: Thats what they all say! To be fair, I consider anything that mildly inconveniences me as homophobia

asked by Slizer

ROFL yeah, traffic jams- homophobic. queue at the bank- homophobic.

41Q: fuck, marry, kill: jenzie, lemonface, nicolette

asked by blogs

LMAO wtf all the lad's birds? i guess marry jenz, fuck lemonface and kill nicolette on warlight

41Q: BengalBoy homophobe confirmed 2018

asked by Slizer

ROFL i'm a friend to the gays!

41Q: Do you like bengal cats?

asked by Arris

they ight but i just chose this name cuz it sounded funny

41Q: Real talk though, back in teh olden days, did you believe for one second I was straight :D

asked by Slizer

LMAO i usually assume anyone on tengaged is hmm... a bit gay
but you were never flamboyant or camp or anything

41Q: Okay real question. How are you so muscly? Do you use steroids or are you just a gym rat?

asked by paul028

just pick up heavy objects and put them back down
never touched roids and i'm not that big, i think it's just the fact that most tengaged fellas are either scrawny or fat

30Q: ... why are you so nice to me lol 馃榿 I mean I love it but still it's confusing

asked by BrainJak

you've always been a cool and funny guy to me

41Q: But you can kick the horses away!

asked by Slizer

LMAO i'll put the horse sized duck in a fucking neck crank if he tries anything slick swear down

41Q: Opinion?? ;)

asked by paul028

you? you're a good kid

38Q: why are u a dick

asked by HaliFord

why'd you ask the same thing twice

30Q: Why are you so damn awesome?

asked by BrainJak

why are YOU so damn awesome?

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