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15Q: who would u rather be on a deserted island with

Heather Leigh Cameron or Eric (RightToCensor)

asked by coreyants

Heather Leigh Cameron so she could tell me detailed stories about retiring from skype minis

15Q: whats ur opinion on ppl who DOX users on here?

asked by Danny12

not into all that

15Q: opinion

asked by Thumper91

a real honest to goodness southern belle

15Q: When do you become a BengalMan?

asked by CheapCheep

when the clock strikes 12

15Q: Opinion

asked by Kaylabby

you're a sweet girl and extremely loyal to your friends *ruffles ur hair*

15Q: dick size

asked by bigbrotherlover7

ask one of the girls who've had it in them

15Q: Who do u think will be on tengaged all day everyday in 10 years if it survives

asked by owlb0ned


15Q: Do you have any pet ?if so what is their names?

asked by MarieEve

yeah i have seamonkies

0Q: When are y’all meeting up

What if he tried to convert u to a nazi Jew hater

asked by owlb0ned

not into all that

0Q: Shut the fuck up is he really?

asked by owlb0ned

LMFAO i'm kitten

10Q: Are u excited for ur meet up with lind

asked by owlb0ned

LMAO that's not happening he's going to an anti jew rally instead

0Q: porn

asked by joey96

i'm calling the police

0Q: fav song to play on guitar? :D

asked by PureEssence

anything you want babygirl ;)
ed sheeran lego house is my go-to right now and i love playing fast car (tracy chapman)

0Q: u think ur a real tough guy huh? bet you wouldnt b so tough if u werent behind ur computer screen pussy

asked by MarieTori


6Q: what if i've run out of funny things to say/blog/type

is my account gonna be deleted?

asked by CheapCheep

i'll be your writer for an hourly rate

-9Q: If you had the chance to see @Halloween naked, would you accept?

asked by zachbbs

not into all that

-9Q: Opinion?

asked by FireWolf

you're a good kid with a good head on ya shoulders, the typa dude who always gets the job done. proud of u buddy

22Q: Which tg user that’s gone do u miss the most? (At 1 year+)

asked by Blitszims

Richpaca. Rest in Hollywood big man.

13Q: of all the tengaged women you've slept with, were any of them like squirrtle the pokemon in the bedroom. Like did you feel like shamoo at sea world at any point in time

asked by Allison

LMAO one time when i went down on one repeatedly she got up so we could shower and there was a big damp patch on the bed. we had to put a towel over it

15Q: What part of a female body do you hate the most ?

asked by MarieEve

gotta be the back of the knee init

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