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8Q: I have bollocks to my name but I don't know what to ask so what should I ask?

asked by peace123

whatever u want lil buddy

9Q: Favourite "emote" face (not emojis)? :P

asked by Loopspeare


8Q: Anything

asked by jjvawesomeness0511


8Q: Fuck me?
Gay for pay?

asked by Ametrine


8Q: Favorite Band and Genre of Music?

asked by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

prolly red hot chili peppers/rock but i like a lotta different stuff

8Q: how was your Chinese? i got no pic?

asked by Oliviaxoxo

it was alllllllllright ;) and you got a good enough pic

*theme songs plays*

asked by 2388



asked by 2388


8Q: i can't think of a question...??????

asked by Oliviaxoxo

anything you wanna know ;)

28Q: What's your favorite alcohol?

asked by Katherinee_

i love fireball and amaretto

28Q: How much is a plane ticket? We Gonna Have Da Do something but...gonna be a 1 way!!

asked by gagaluv

let's call it $350

28Q: do you have a crush xDD

asked by Admir

teehee xD maybe xD

28Q: Micropenis.

asked by Paris4President

if you say so lil guy *ruffles your hair*

28Q: When are you going to come visit Sue and I?

asked by gagaluv

will you pay for my plane ticket plz 馃槆

43Q: long opinion on me

asked by HaliFord

I know sometimes I act stupid and I say stupid things, but you kept me around and other people would have said "drop that bum". You give me respect. You know it's kinda hard for me to say these kinda things, cuz it ain't my way, but if I could just unzip myself and step out and be someone else, I'd wanna be you. You're all heart, AJ.

43Q: fave soccer team?

asked by Vlad21

leicester city fc (hometown) and germany cuz they play good footie
or whoever wins me 拢拢拢拢拢拢

41Q: dream car?

asked by anthousai

are you gonna buy me one someday 馃槒? i dunno though, never been that into cars

43Q: Hiya 馃憢

asked by Mitchkid64

alrite lad 馃

43Q: i dont have any balls yet here i am

asked by Oliviaxoxo

you can borrow mine if you want

43Q: how big is your cock bcus i've seen it and it has to be at least 10"

asked by Tigger

ROFL not quite

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