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Hello, my name is Superstar9

I'm Charley, I'm 21, I'm a South East London IT girl.
I've had various jobs; retail, I was a lap dancer, but um, I've been fired from all of my jobs so I'm unemployed at the moment.
I go out, socialise with my friends, meet new people, um I don't work and I still get to shop and all that. I go to celeb hangouts, meet great people, just blaze it up and have a laugh.
Um I choose to go out a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Saturday, and a Sunday, sometimes a Monday if I'm feeling in the mood.
I Love Money!
My cousin's Kieran Richardson, he plays for Manchester United, he bought me a mini.
And through him being my cousin I get to meet hot footballers and go to places that most people don't really go.
I would hate it if I was in the house put with someone stinky, just someone that I really have nothing in common with, it would bug my brain out!
Erm, I think I'd be bringing different trends to the house, different hairstyles.
I'm trendy, um I'm wild, argumentative and I speak so much.
I'm flirtatious and I'm hot!


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