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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Renny


Group game history:
V&W Survivor
Survivor: Thailand - 1/18 (Sole Survivor)

M&N's Survivor Series
Survivor: Greenland - 6/21 (Hero of the Season, Honorable Mention for Player of the Season)
Survivor: Second Chances - 20/24
Survivor: Monte Carlo - 4/20 (Co-Villain of the Season, Co-Runner-Up Player of the Season, Messiest Player, Flop Moment of the Season)

Ian's Survivor
Survivor: Disub艒do - 3/20 (Hero of the Season)

Js21's Survivor
Survivor: Gabon - 4/16 (Villain of the Season)
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - 16/20
Survivor: Cagayan - 3/24 (Second Runner-Up)

Big Ben Survivor
Survivor: Thailand - 4/16 (Hero of the Season, Fan Favorite Runner-Up)
Survivor: Maldives 4/20 (Fan Favorite Runner-Up)

Chillum's Survivor
Survivor: The Indian Coast - 3/16 (Second Runner-Up)

Ethan's Survivor
Survivor: Antarctica - 2/18 (Co-Runner-Up)

Will's Survivor
Survivor: Canary Islands - 12/16 (Best Pre-Merge Player)
Survivor: Brunei - 15/19

DanZ Survivor:
Survivor: Indonesia - 5/16 (Hero of the Season)

C&A Survivor
Survivor: Witches Garden - 18/20

Pokepat's Survivor
Survivor: Fiji - 7/18

Leli's Survivor
Survivor: Grenada - 9/16

Purple's Survivor
Survivor: Karakoram - 16/16

My Games 218 games played

30 Jun, 21
9 Feb, 21
1 Feb, 21
16 Aug, 20
4 Aug, 20
27 Jul, 20
9 Jul, 20

My Blog Check my blog!

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