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I think I have a boyfriend

2 XxLoveWakizaxX, Jan 23, 2021

but we never made it official, we just sleep together every now and then but should I address it or will that just make things awkward? I never had a consistent guy in my life because I've been prostituting (secretly this website knows along with some irl friends that I trust) and I kinda just want to settle down before I end up murdered or something.
I just used Grindr to fish for money from thirsty guys to feed my alcohol addiction, I didn't actually go out onto the streets with hooker boots and a skirt. If they want me, they can come to me and pay for it. I kept my standards tho but some guys actually look very handsome in their 40s so I went for it with no regrets.
Anyway that's just how I used to carry myself but these past 3 months, I've been really taking care of myself, I went get checked at Primary health for STDs (expecting results soon) I started working out and have just been seeing who I can only call now a friend, Gage<3 his nickname is 12 Gauge which is hot af, he pumped that shotgun into me. 
My gay uncle who is like in his 40s told me that its officially a gay relationship if you end up sleeping together at least 3 times and its been more than since we started fooling around.
I'm the one who wanted him, I cried for him, I fought for him and I sang to him (Taylor Swift) then I ended up being with him after all my efforts. IDK its been 6 years since I've felt this way about a guy and I'm not gonna waste it this time.
I just really really like him and want to be around him all the time. However, ppl don't like clingy and we're still young, feeling out what we like so it's nice to know that he likes me back right now but I'm gonna give him space. #takeitslow
Leave them wanting more and wondering right? I wonder if he's thinking about me rn

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