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Gingy's 1st Annual Hunger Games --- Day 9

13 XavierR83, Jun 4, 2014

~ Only 10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators) (You only get one comment)
~ Comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH _adidas_ or ATTACK Randomize)
Day 8's Events -
#Lowwww got caught in a forest fire for -80 Damage. (Icarus_Mark)
#MBG93 gives #PotatoSalad a health pack for +25 Health.
#Rawr121 attacks #MBG93 for -5 Damage.
#MBG93 gets caught in poison gas for -22 Damage. (Jdog)
#Lowwww hurting so much from the burns eats nightlock for -82 Damage. #Lowwww gets 14th. (Survivoring)
#ImGonnaWin attacks #MBG93 for -94 Damage.
#PotatoSalad attacks #MBG93 for -58 Damage.
#Austino15fffan attacks #MBG93 for -95 Damage. #MBG93 gets 13th.
#PotatoSalad gets caught in poison gas for -45 Damage (Sosyomomma)
#PotatoSalad gets attacked by a rabid monkey for -3 Damage (DumbGinger)
1. Austino15fffan ~~~ Health - 125
2. Rawr121 ~~~ Health - 125
4. PotatoSalad ~~~ Health - 127
5. CutieAmy ~~~ Health - 100
7. JGoodies ~~~ Health - 100
11. ImGonnaWin ~~~ Health - 115
15. Tvdude01 ~~~ Health - 100
16. Tommarkoliver ~~~ Health - 100
17. Donutdude556 ~~~ Health - 125
19. KatnissEverdeen ~~~ Health - 103
21. TheSexiestDude990 ~~~ Health - 110
24. Zinger ~~~ Health - 130
13th - #MBG93 killed by #Austino15fffan
14th - #Lowwww killed by #Survivoring (Nightlock)
15th - #Hobnobgpro killed by #Survivoring (Nightlock)
16th - #Blueu22 killed by #KatnissEverdeen
17th - #Baza76 killed by #MBG93
18th - #SmoothStalker12 killed by GameMaker #Andalarew_2231
19th - #Survivoring Killed by Gamemaker #Donaam
20th - #GayJohnny Killed by #SmoothStalker12
21st - #Gloss13 Killed by #MBG93
22nd - #iAlex killed by #Rawr121
23rd - #JacunLiffe killed by #SmoothStalker12
24th - #ShadowBaller000 killed by #TheSexiestDude990


PYN For Your Hunger Games Death

52 Guess_Who, Dec 8, 2012

And by who!
#Lowwww - You will make it to final 2 after being in an alliance then you will suddenly die of hunger causing the worst hunger games ever!
#plor You will be killed at the bloodbath by #bbdamian
#hai_ - You will die in a random event like mutts halfway through the game. Even though you have the most sponsors!
#Imthtawesom - You will get to a head to head with #conza1994 in the final and you lose in a game of DOND
#conza1994 - You win your first hunger games :) But then you join again and die first in the bloodbath in a revenge by #Imthtawesom
#spinner554 - You get banned while playing the hunger games and die of hunger
#foxox - Your 10 person premade screws you over and kill you in the early stages of the game
#sturner161 - You get shoot by an archer by the name of #drench
#soxroks247 - You will have no support from sponsors so you die of hunger and get 7th place
#jacob2706 - Your computer shuts down in the middle of numbers and you get killed by #foxox
#bubba3 - You get hit with a long range weapon shot by Jessem
#ribbons - You run away into the woods without no supplies and have a quiet game until you starve.
#aes222aes - You kill most of your alliance but the last member @guesswho (me lol) kills you!
#jonmcgillis - You eat poison berries that kill you and lands you 4th place
#marcuscrowe10 - You go offline to sleep and when you wake up you discover your dead!
#chad123 - You get into a tense final where you have to play match 3. You decide to leave it running as you suck at it but the other person dosen't attempt it and you win :D
#1swampy8 1 on 1 challenge against plor early on the game see's you get 20th.
#maxi1234 mutts attack you and you get third place
#ivan1234 you die in a fireball accident.
#sweetheart95 you just make f5 and you have a f3 alliance you get an offer for a f2 alliance but they backstab you and you die
#bix123 you stay very quiet all through the game and you aren't a target you get to the final 2 and win a game of guitar kp crowning you the winner!
#carlisle you get loads of sponsors at the start of the game but support dies off and you die of hunger.
#bassabsol you die at the blood bath when killed by maxi123
#BryanXx you join with a huge premade that falls apart after most dies in the bloodbath you get killed by the other last remaining member chad123
bestheroD you get shot by Lowwww early on in the game.
cool99 most people are surprised by your minigame skills and you kill 7 competitors but you forget a crucial factor hunger and it kills youu
StaRfReSh33 You are the dark horse all the way through the competition you kill the favourite but then you become the favourite and everyone gangs up on you and kills you!
suzycroatia people don't see you as a threat so you quietly make it to f2 and when you..

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