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Just Need A Few More Apps

0 bigben1996, Jan 27, 2019

After maybe one of the most chaotic seasons's in series history.  Applications are now open for the SEVENTH season of BigBen's Survivor of the second generation.  This season is surrounded around the viewer's of the current viewer's lounge and is known as...
"Survivor Vanuatu - Viewer's Choice"
Prior to the game starting the viewer's will decide what twists will enter the game before the castaways hit the island.  Please mail me the application below if you want to apply for a twisty game like this one.  There will be new twists entering this season.  You'll also have the privilege of being a mod with turney1805 for a day.
This is an ALL-NEWBIE season meaning those who have already played in the second generation cannot apply.
**MAIL TO bigben1996**
First Name:
Current Residence:
Previous Group Experience (including my first generation):
Would you consider yourself more of a hero or villain (explain why):
Will You Send Confessionals:
Check off which times work best for you during EST to make challenges
5pm EST [  ]
6pm EST [  ]
7pm EST [  ]
8pm EST [  ]
9pm EST [  ]
10pm EST [  ]

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